Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland



Our Monday evening was spent here:

“Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland returns to the Big Butler Fairgrounds for its second season of festive lights set to jolly tunes and new comical displays.  From November 18th through January 8th, the three-mile maze of lights will glow into the night sky from 6 to 10 PM.  Guests simply tune in their radio, and watch the magic unfold as they drive through hundreds of thousands of brilliant LED lights dancing in perfect synchronization with the music filling their vehicle.  This unique spectacle takes light shows to a whole new level as it effortlessly captivates its audience with a perfect unity of sight and sound.

While quickly becoming a family tradition for many, this show continues to “wow” guests year after year with cutting-edge technology and new additions.  Debuting this season are huge comical displays of Santa and his friends vacationing in the Allegheny Mountains.  From hang gliding to rock climbing, ice fishing to lounging around the campfire, this crew got into some interesting situations and we have the snapshots to prove it.

Just when it seems the fun is coming to an end, guests arrive at the magical Santa’s Village. Kids of all ages look forward to meeting and having a photo made with Santa Claus while enjoying tasty seasonal refreshments like hot cocoa and much more.  There are also other fun activities for kids to enjoy.

The cost to experience Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland is $25 per family car or van.” 


The van was finally free from the ice rink we call our driveway, allowing us to go do something fun as family to get us all in the Christmas Spirit.

Last year we discovered Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland and were so impressed with it and enjoyed it so much that we made sure it was put on the calendar for a return visit this Christmas.

We went on Monday evening, knowing the lines would be significantly shorter on a weekday night rather than on the weekend.


The crowds were low and we got in with no wait.


When you pull in there are signs informing drivers of what channel to tune into to provide the accompanying music to the light show.


The experience is split into three parts. The first half of the drive thru experience is our favorite part. The lights dance to the synchronized music coming through the car stereo. The effect is magical.


The second half of the drive thru experience is comprised of huge animated lighted characters acting out funny scenes. We saw Frosty sledding, Santa hang-gliding and reindeer having a snowball fight.



It was all fun and games until Tyler pointed out an animated Santa on our left engaged in some scandalous behavior (for a Santa)…

“He is tinkling!” Tyler shouted in shock. “Why is Santa tinkling?!”


We looked over to see Santa golfing, but Tyler was right. When Santa’s club was straight down it did appear Santa was taking a tinkle break.

Yellow was an unfortunate color choice for Santa’s golf club.


The final part of the Shadrack experience was Santa’s workshop where children could get out of their cars and meet Santa. We have never stopped here so I’m not sure what is offered inside. We chose to just keep driving and head back home, basking in the glow of holiday magic.


It was such a fun night. Just what we needed to get in the Christmas Spirit.

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