Happy New Year!


Last Saturday night we said good-bye to 2016 and ushered in the new year in typical Hudak/McCleery fashion with good friends, fun games, delicious food, and many laughs.

It has now become an annual tradition to join the Hudaks at their home to ring in the New Year every December 31st, and it is a tradition we look forward to. It always makes for a fun evening and a perfect way to start another year.

This year we arrived at their home around 7:00pm on New Years Eve. The kids hurried out of the car to race inside and greet their friends.


The first order of the evening was to lay out a fantastic spread of food. The menu for New Years is always fun appetizers and dips, with us usually preparing far more food than our crowd of 12 justifies. I think this year topped all previous years, however, in volume and taste…It was delicious!

After everyone  filled up on round one of grazing the games began. We filled the hours leading up to the ball drop with hourly games the moms had planned. Here are some of the fun activities we enjoyed this year:

8:00- Everyone filled out their annual “Year in Review” sheet. This questionnaire asks about favorite moments, likes, and dislikes from the previous year, as well as hopes, aspirations, and goals for the upcoming year. We also printed out a fun sheet of current events and happenings from 2016 that we had to place in order from 1st to last as they took place through the year.


9:00- We had a little drawing competition… but this was no ordinary sketching competition. This one took place blindly as everyone sketched out the scene I was describing on a paper plate “canvas” positioned on top of their heads.


10:00- We played a Telestrations type game using a sheet of paper lined into 12 different sections. The game began with everyone writing a sentence (real or made up) about someone in the room. The papers were then passed to the right. The next person, in the next section of the paper, drew a picture of what the sentence above it said. After drawing the picture that person folded down the words so that when it was passed to the third person they could only see the drawn picture and in their line had to write what they thought the original sentence was. This pattern of folding, sentence, picture, sentence, picture continued until everyone’s original paper made it back to the original drawer. Then we shared the transformation of the original sentence that happened as it made its way around the room. It was hilarious to hear everyone’s end results.


11:00- The laughter continued with a wild game of reverse charades. Similar to the original game of someone acting out a word for others to guess, this version is played in reverse with the entire team acting out a word while one team member guesses. The results were so funny! I love this version of the game because I find it is less uncomfortable for the one acting out the clues to be silly when they are surrounded by others doing the same thing. That difference makes it a game Tyler is willing to play, something he refuses to do in traditional charades.


In between planned games the kids would scatter to separate corners of the house with their friends to play, talk and eat some more, while the parents used the down time to visit and catch up around the dining room table.


As the clock crept towards midnight we pulled out the noisemakers and hats and poured the bubbly…all ready to ring in the New Year.


12:00-   10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..Happy New Year!


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