Loving some hand-me-downs!


Before Christmas break the girls received an unexpected surprise in the mail. It was a package from Krista (my brother’s girlfriend.) A few months ago she shared that she was culling her closet and wanted to know if the girls would be interested in some hand-me-downs, to which they eagerly responded, “Heck Yeah!”

Before Christmas the first installment of clothes arrived along with some stickers, calendar, and treats for the boys tucked in. She is incredibly thoughtful and didn’t want the boys to feel left out. The girls were thrilled with the selection of jewelry, scarves, and charming pieces of clothing.

On Christmas the girls received the second installment of hand-me-downs from Krista that my brother graciously brought with him from Texas.

The girls were in heaven!

The day after Christmas they had fun trying on, sorting, and divvying up all the treasures,

and then putting on a fashion show to show off some of their new looks.

Here is just a small sampling of the gems the girls received:


Thank you, Krista!

The girls are LOVING their new hand-me-downs!

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  1. Not everyone appreciates second-hand clothing, but when it’s new to me, I’m delighted. How sweet that the girls loved what was sent to them.

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