Mimi Joy is Home


After 18 months Toby’s mom, Joy, has returned home from serving a mission in Missouri. She served with honor and we are so proud of her.

She arrived home on Sunday so Saturday was spent preparing for her arrival. When she left she put her house up for rent and moved all her things into storage. Now that she is home she has decided to continue renting out her home for extra income and live in the apartment above her garage.

Saturday was spent moving her things from the storage unit into to her apartment and getting things set up for her arrival home. This all happened the morning of New Year’s Eve.

Our morning began early. We scheduled to meet men from  church at the storage unit to help move all her things up to the apartment. This meant we needed to be out the door and on the road by 7:00am, which shouldn’t be hard, but with our crew of 7 and all the supplies we were toting (bungees, straps, moving blankets, donuts and water for the workers, soup and flowers for Mimi, etc.) it is amazing we made it out the door on time.

We took two vehicles so as to cut down on the number of loads we would have to make back and forth from the storage unit to the apartment. Toby had 4 of the kids in his truck that was towing the trailer, and Grace rode with me in the van that had been emptied of the bench seats so we could fill it with boxes.

The reward for our early start to the day was this beautiful sunrise. Gracie shared that she always found sunrises to be more vivid and beautiful than sunsets, “They are God’s gift to early risers,” according to Grace.


We arrived at the storage unit, lifted the door to the storage unit, and were grateful for the help that arrived. The job of moving Mimi’s things would have taken our family all day without the help of all the volunteers that showed up. With all the great help the move only took a few hours.


After the moving crew had left we took on the task of trying to get the apartment somewhat livable so that when Joy arrived home she had all the basic comforts to survive (bedding, toilet paper, towels and dishes) while she took her time unpacking her personal decorations and household items.

We split into teams and began combing through boxes to find the most essential items and then each took a different room to work on. Molly headed up the kitchen, while Toby set up the bed in the master bedroom and made up the bed so that she would have a place to sleep when she got home. Grace and Rusty began unpacking bathroom boxes and I set up the living room. The two little boys acted as runners for the rest of us, delivering boxes to the correct rooms and carrying emptied boxes down to the garage.

We worked most of the day but didn’t make a huge dent in the pile of boxes in the hours we were there…it is hard to put other people’s things away not knowing what is important to them and what they’d rather leave in storage, but we did make it livable and hopefully a bit homey. We wanted her to walk through that door, not feel too overwhelmed, be able to kick her feet up, and feel the satisfaction of a well served mission and the joy of returning home.


Welcome home, Mimi!

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