PJs and Pancakes


Throughout the year we have a variety of special occasion days sprinkled into our Co-op calendar to keep things interesting and fun for the kids.

These special days include holiday parties, service projects, and themed days when the kids can dress up and take a break from the ordinary. This is especially appreciated and looked forward to during the drab month of January.

 And while these themed days are fun for the kids, they can represent extra work for the moms. The exception to that rule is “Pancake and PJ Day.” This is the day that the moms look most forward to and we usually plan a couple “PJ and Pancake days” for the school year.  This is the one “theme” day that is easier than an ordinary co-op day. On ” Pancake and PJ Day” my workload is cut in half. I don’t need to check to make sure everyone has clean clothes or matching socks. I don’t have to pack lunches for everyone the night before. Instead we are able to sleep in an extra 20 minutes, roll out of bed, and head straight for the car in our PJs.

The kids love the ease and novelty of going to co-op in there comfy PJs, and I love the ease of no wardrobe battles with Tyler. The kids also love the pancake lunch that replaces a standard packed lunch on PJ day. The pancakes at Co-op tend to be much more popular and enticing then mom’s pancakes at home. I don’t know if it is all the fun and unusual toppings that are offered on Pancake Day, in addition to the usual syrup they get offered at home, or if it is just because someone else is making the pancakes that add to the appeal. But whatever the reason the pancakes are consumed with a lot more enthusiasm on Pancake Day then they ever are at home.

Last Wednesday was “Pancake and PJ Day” at co-op. It also happened to be the final day of the quarter for all the students at co-op who attend 21st Century Cyber Charter School. For some students this added to the fun of the day and made it a play day for those who had already turned in all their assignments for the day.



While other students were scrambling to turn in their remaining 3rd quarter work before the 4:00 pm deadline.


For the girls who had completed their work for the quarter, their day at co-op became a play day. They brought in a movie and popcorn and had a movie day, watching Gracie’s Christmas gift from Molly, Kim Possible.


For the younger students at co-op, and those who are students in schools other than 21CCCS (like Tyler) , the day was a typical co-op school day with history, science and art classes being taught.


For lunch the kids lined up at the counter to make up their plates of pancakes and yummy toppings.


After co-op the bookmobile came. This is always a treat. Once again it is something the kids look forward to (everyone loves picking out new reading material) but has the added benefit for this busy mom of saving me a trip downtown to the library. I love that it comes to us, and the kids get a kick out of this charming library on wheels.


We had just enough time for everyone to pick out books before we had to head out for Tyler’s weekly Occupational Therapy appointment following our Wednesday co-op.

Then it was a race home so that Rusty could submit his last two Language Art assignments before the clock struck four.

Thank you, Cinderella, for those extra grey hairs!

Wednesdays are never boring!

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