A Spirit-filled Weekend


This was a busy, Spirit-packed weekend for many members of our family. It was also a weekend filled with many great experiences. The craziness began on Friday night for Grace and Molly, with a trip downtown to attend the Winter Jam concert playing in Pittsburgh.

Winter Jam in a concert showcasing contemporary Christian artists. When the girls’ friends caught wind that Winter Jam would be coming to Pittsburgh they invited Grace and Molly to go with them.


“Winter Jam Tour Spectacular, also referred to as simply Winter Jam, is an annual American music tour featuring Christian rock, Christian rap, and contemporary Christian music bands, stunt and/or comedy performances, and a speaker. It is the United States’ largest annual Christian Music Tour. It has also provided a platform for non-profit groups such as Holt International, an organization that provides sponsorship and adoption for orphans.”

Woody took one for the team and graciously offered to be the driver and chaperone for the night to the six girls that wanted to go.


They left at 4:30 so as to be downtown Pittsburgh at 6:00pm when the doors opened.


The cost for the show was $10.00, an impressive deal for the opportunity to see so many incredible artists live and on stage.

The girls said the energy in the arena was electric. The vast amount of people in combination with the strong Spirit felt there was energizing and moving.

They loved all the artists but definitely had certain favorites including:

Tenth Avenue North



Agit8 Concert At Tate Modern

The girls were also moved by the adoption message (a message near and dear to all of our hearts) of the evening, that was highlighted through Holt International.


“Holt International Children’s Services is a faith-based humanitarian organization and adoption agency based in Eugene, Oregon, United States, known for international adoptions. The nonprofit works in eleven countries, including: Cambodia, China, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Mongolia, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Uganda, and Vietnam. This work includes a range of services for children and families including efforts in nutrition, education, family strengthening, orphan care, foster care, family reunification, child sponsorships and more.

At 11:30 the concert was over and Woody took them to Denny’s for a midnight dinner.


The girls returned home around 2:30 am, exhausted but exhilarated by the experience. They headed straight to bed knowing they had to be out the door early Saturday morning.

On Saturday the three oldest kids had a youth temple trip to the Columbus Temple. They arrived at the church parking lot at 9:00 am to carpool with a great group of leaders and youth.


The kids had an amazing, Spirit-filled day serving the Lord and enjoying the sweet spirit felt within the walls of the temple.


They arrived home 12 hours later at 9:30 pm, eager to share all about their experiences from the last 24 hours. As we sat in around the living room it was fun to hear all about their day at the temple and listen to the girls gush about the fun they had at Winter Jam. They pulled up songs on their computers to play for us by artists they really enjoyed at Winter Jam.

As a mom I love hearing them share about the things that move them, that touch them, that make them feel closer to Christ.

We ended our Spirit-filled weekend with a visit to Mimi Joy’s church on Sunday morning to listen to her speak about the mission she just returned home from. It was touching to hear her stories of the people she taught and the lessons she learned as she was busy doing the Lord’s work.

It was a BUSY weekend, but what a wonderful sort of busy!

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