Boy Scout Winter Campout



Last weekend, while I was enjoying an “escape form all stress” weekend with my parents, Toby was winning the “Father of the Year” award here at home.

The boys  also spent last weekend away from home, but their accommodations weren’t nearly as luxurious as our digs. Last weekend was the scout’s camporee and Klondike Derby so the boys were all sleeping in sleeping bags and cooking over the fire. The girls definitely got the better end of the deal (although I don’t think any of the “under 40” boys would agree.)

So after a hard week of work Toby sent us girls out the door with a smile and a wave, packed up camping gear and three excited boys, and headed to Camp Baker for some mid-January camping.


What a trooper!

Because there was nobody home to watch him, Tyler received permission to join the big scouts at the winter campout with Toby, and boy was he excited! He knew he wouldn’t be participating in the scout activities but he was excited to sleep outside, cook over the fire and spend time with Toby, Ozzie and Rusty.

The guys were blessed with unseasonal winter weather that was much warmer and wetter than usual. This made sleeping more comfortable than past winter campouts but the mud proved to be a bit of a challenge for some of the outdoor activities.

Saturday was spent rubbing shoulders with other scout troops as they participated in skill building challenges like fire building, knot tying, and flag signals.

Rusty expressed that learning to signal with flags was his favorite activity of the day. The boys took turns using the signal flags to send a message across a field to another scout who had to record and decode the message within the moving flags.


The campout ended with the Klondike Derby. The Klondike Derby is a sled race between the different troops with one scout riding on the sled and the other troops pushing it in a race to the finish line. Our scouts’ homemade sled, while probably the prettiest one on the start line, proved to be the most ineffective in a race across mud. Its heavy frame and smooth gliders were built for snow. But the boys had fun nonetheless.


The Boy Scout Winter Camporee was a success!

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