Keep Calm and BOWL



Friday rolled around and we were all in need of a little respite. Everyone was tense and emotional. The cold, grey winter weather has just added to the feelings of gloom that have settled upon Patchwork Farm.  I was a woman on the edge and my children were right behind me. It was time to escape from the drudgery of everyday life, and all the struggles found within the daily chores and duties, and simply go play for a few hours.

And burning off some aggression by throwing an eight pound ball at pins that look like tiny people seemed a good alternative to throwing eight pound balls at actual little people.

Just Kidding, I wouldn’t do that…

I am way too weak to actually throw an eight pound ball. 😉

A scheduled field trip with our friends at PAVCS gave us the perfect excuse to pack away our books and head to Butler for a day of bowling.

While we are no longer a PAVCS family (we are now with 21st Century Cyber Charter School) some of our co-op friends are and they very graciously extend invitations to some of their fieldtrips with us and we do the same with them.

This outing was a perfect one for January. The active nature of bowling gave the kids a chance to burn off some excess energy and the bowling shoes alone battled the grey gloom of winter with their bright colors.


At the outing the kids were able to spend time bowling with two co-op families (the Holts and the Caylors) as well as make some new friends. The turnout was great!


David, the family support coordinator in charge of the outing, set up the afternoon to allow for two hours of bowling with a pizza lunch in the middle of our bowling session.


He also split the kids up by age, with the younger kids bowling together in lanes with bumpers and putting the older kids in a separate lane. This meant Ozzie, Saga and Tyler bowled together,


And Grace, Molly, Rusty, Joram, Lucas, Alton and Buck bowled with some other high school students in another lane.


I think everyone had fun. Evidence of this was apparent in the resistance I faced when it was time to go.


But I knew just the thing to lure Tyler away from the pull of bowling balls…

Chocolate Cake!

Friday was National Chocolate Cake Day so we felt compelled to celebrate this important national holiday right…not to mention this Momma was in need of some chocolate therapy, so we made a quick stop at Panera Bread on our way home to indulge in a bit of this deliciousness:


Ahhh…this is therapy I can buy into.

Chocolate: Just what the doctor ordered!

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