We’ve reached the Finish Line!


It is that time of year again…

Pinewood Derby time!

And for those who may not be acquainted with my feelings about the annual Cub Scout Pinewood Derby races, here is a little reminder from a previous year:


But this year was not nearly the burden or the challenge, thanks to the troop’s leaders’ decision to use the weekly meetings in January for the boys to design, cut out, sand and paint their cars at church.

Ahh, what a sweet blessing to have the burden lifted from individual families…a blessing  which saved us from a repeat of our 2015 Pinewood Derby failure. 🙂

This year was different than past years, not only in the creation and construction process, but also different in that this year it was held on a Saturday morning rather than a Wednesday night, and in the increased crowd size. Our growing troop size resulted in the biggest turn-out for many years, as family and friends showed up to support all the boys who were racing. It was a wonderful thing to see!


When we arrived Rusty and Ozzie lay claim to a stretch of seats for the family, while Toby took Tyler up to have his car checked in, weighed, and measured.


The girls were asked to step in and help as judges, which they graciously agreed to, helping to record the race times, figure out the place winners, and fill in the certificates.


Tyler had some stiff competition in the aesthetics department, as all the boys took a lot of pride in their designs and put a lot of effort into creating a super cool car!


Tyler designed his red racer to look like a sock. Can’t see it? Neither could I until he upended it and showed it to me from the side. Well, what do you know, a red sock. 🙂 Peach was a last minute addition the day of the race, as Tyler felt something should be sticking out of the top of the sock.


The boys were judged in two categories of cars: how they looked and how they raced, with all the boys receiving a certificate based on the appearance of their car.

The other awards given were medals based on how the kids placed. It was stiff completion. All the boys did great and it was fun to see them huddled at the end of the track cheering and shouting.


When it was time for the race times to be averaged and the awards to be handed out the boys were called up by level. Tyler is a Webelos and was called up with the other Webelo in our scout troop. He was thrilled to receive a gold medal after placing 1st.


The fun morning ended with snacks. Tyler raced to the back to nab one of the racecar cupcakes we brought before all the cars were gone.


Another year down.

After dozens of Pinewood Derby races between cub scouts and AWANAS I am pleased to say this was our final race (unless God has plans unbeknownst to us) 😉

It was the easiest year yet, and wildly successful for our gold-place finisher.  Tyler finished strong!

Way to go, champ!

And way to go Dad!

29 Pinewood Derby cars later and you’ve finally reached the finish line!

Someone buy that man a drink! 😉


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