Ice Skating at North Park



Last Saturday was the annual stake youth ice skating activity held at North Park. This is one of the favorite youth events offered every year and has become an activity eagerly anticipated by the kids and their friends. We have been attending this activity for the last seven Januaries and some of their friends from co-op, who they invite each year, have been attending almost as long.

The event ran from 4:00pm- 8:00pm, so we made plans to pick up their friends from up north at 3:00 for the hour drive south to North Park. (That sounded way more confusing than it actually was.) 🙂  When we arrived I found a corner to settle into with other adults who were also there as drivers or chaperones and enjoyed some conversation and catching up while the kids headed off to enjoy the activities offered.

Ice skating was available from 4:30-7:00 so the time leading up to the ice rink opening was spent playing board games that were set out for the youth to enjoy.


Once the ice rink opened we saw very little of the youth as most of their time was spent on the ice or hanging out around the edges of the ice rink.


I think everyone had a fabulous time:


The evening concluded with a walking taco dinner provided by the stake leaders.

At 8:00 everyone shuffled to the car with sore ankles and big smiles…true signs of a great night!

*A big “Thank You” to the leaders who made it happen!*


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