Escape Rooms and Drive-in Movies


This past Wednesday was our annual Valentine’s Day party at co-op.

And while a Valentine’s Day party occurs every year the parties differ greatly from year to year. When we started our co-op a decade ago and the kids were all elementary school age our parties were quite traditional with Valentine boxes, cookie decorating, and heart crafts. As the years have passed and the children have gotten older our parties have evolved. Valentine cards are still exchanged but the “theme” of the party varies greatly year to year. We find the switch-up makes for a fun variety of parties.

In the last few years we have had Valentine box competitions, Minute to Win It games, a “heart healthy” theme with P.E. type games, a life size Candyland game, and a glow in the dark dance party with the kids being transformed into stick men with glow sticks.

This year the large age divide between our youngest co-op students and our oldest co-op students led us to the idea of two separate activities.

We decided to create a drive-in movie experience for the younger set of kids. They were instructed to create a car to bring for the drive-in movie in lieu of making a Valentine Box. This was much more up Tyler’s alley and he embraced the challenge with more excitement and enthusiasm than he has ever show for a craft project in his life.

We began by finding the biggest box we could in the basement. He wanted a REALLY BIG car to take to the drive-in.


Next came the agonizing decision of what colors he wanted his car to be. He had a vision of creating a hummer type vehicle with our T-Rex cut-out. I think he was envisioning a Jurassic Park-like ride, so he decided to go with orange and black.


During his one-on-one time on Monday we began working on it. He painted for hours that day and then continued to keep painting and adding pieces to his car up until the morning of the party. I must admit it delighted me to see him engaged in something creative and crafty, activities he usually shies away from.

He was quite proud of his finished product!


On the day of the party the first few hours of co-op were spent doing school but as soon as lunchtime was over the littles headed into the gym for a drive-in movie and the teens headed to the back classrooms for their activity.

The drive-in movie was Aristocats.


The kids got their tubs of popcorn and snacks from the snack bar and headed back to their cars to enjoy the movie.


They were so blasted cute I could hardly stand it!


The teens were split up into two teams: boys vs girls and were each given a Escape Room challenge. Our family has had so much fun with this game we purchased for Christmas that we thought it would be a fun Valentine’s party activity for the big kids.


Two families at co-op had the game so the girls used one and the boys used one. They both worked on the same escape room: Prison Break.


Starting the countdown clock at the same time the kids were racing to beat the clock but also trying to beat the other team.


It was fun to see how each team worked together, strategized, and interpreted the clues that needed to be solved to break the code.


Both teams escaped but the girls were the narrow winners with four minutes to spare.


Following the activities the kids exchanged valentines,


while Tyler and I drove over to his weekly occupational therapy appointment where he made this nifty hat!


He was sad to have to miss the exchange but his mood improved dramatically when we returned to co-op and Grace had his Valentine Box filled with cards and treats from his friends.

Hooray for another great Valentine’s Day Party!

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