A Visit to CAL U



Monday was President’s Day which meant the kids were off school. This day off proved to be a blessing because it also happened to be the day of California University of Pennsylvania’s spring open house.

California University of PA, better known as CAL U, happens to be on Gracie’s short list of potential colleges. She has been accepted and offered a scholarship there, but due to unforeseen obstacles in the fall, hadn’t actual visited the campus.

Now that we are in the final leg of decision making it has become necessary to visit CAL U to determine the pros and cons so that she can make her decision which school acceptance she will accept.

Tyler’s vote has been CAL U from the beginning when Grace first expressed an interest in going to CAL U.

To which Tyler responded: “Caillou?!  I LOVE Caillou!”


CAL U is about 1 ½ hours south of us in the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania.


Some of the pros already established include cost and proximity to home, but we were eager to get a big picture glimpse into life on CAL U’s campus and the other pros and cons only revealed through a more in depth look.

Grace and I made a day of it and had a great time enjoying some one on one time. The weather was beautiful and the event was wonderful.

We arrived and were assigned a tour group based on prospective majors. Grace toured with the other education majors. When we reached the education building the students were broken down even more specifically when they were given the opportunity to sit down and talk to one of the professors in that major’s department.

Grace and one other girl were the only Special Education majors so they received some incredible one on one time with the head of the department where they were given a behind the scenes, all access tour of the latest and greatest technologies utilized by the Special Education majors. The girls had the opportunity to ask questions and really get a feel as to what they can expect as Special Education majors.

From there we joined up with other potential students for a tour of the campus. It was a beautiful campus and a beautiful day to tour it.





Following the campus tour we returned back to the student union building where tables were set up with representatives from all facets of campus life, from security to study abroad to clubs and organizations.

Here we were able to meet with a representative from the students with disabilities office to discuss possible accommodations and assistance Grace can expect as a student with Dyslexia. I was SO impressed at the lengths they are willing to go to so that all students can find success in the college environment.

From there we headed over to the housing area to tour one of the dorm rooms. Grace liked the exceptionally large dorm rooms and the fact that each dorm room had its own private bathroom and shower. I liked the fact that it was a three-deep security system and that a security guard was stationed at the entrance 24/7.


As we drove home we went over the list of notes we took while on tour and compiled a list of pros and cons… with the pro list far outweighing the cons.

Grace finds herself so conflicted, uncertain which school and which path to her future God is calling her to.


Stay tuned.

I’m sure the reveal will be coming soon!

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