Fun with Science!


On Saturday we drove down to Pittsburgh to spend the afternoon with Ozzie. He had earned a community pass to spend time with the family outside of the hospital.

We decided to use our community pass in combination with our Science Center membership and enjoy an afternoon at the Science Center…one of Ozzie’s favorite places in the whole world.


We spent a few hours there and hit all our favorite exhibits,


but were most enthralled with the new human body exhibit, Body Works.


This fun, hands-on area gave the kids the chance to really explore the wonders of the human body. Some of our favorite activities in this new area include:


The x-ray table where you can assemble a series of x-rays into a complete skeleton:


The germ game:


A replica of an ultrasound machine that shows actual ultrasound images of a single and twin pregnancy:


“What?! Rusty’s expecting twins?!”


There was a neat corner of activities that allowed us to explore our senses and how our mind perceives the world around us.


Here we had fun trying to see if our noses could figure out a series of different smells:


We got to see how well our brain sees things in reverse by trying to accomplish a specific task while looking at the mirror image:


We saw how difficult it is for our tongue to figure out the flavor of food without the assistance of our noses and our sense of smell:


The kids loved observing how their body moves through an image reader that turned us into skeletons and copied our every move.


Dancing bones!


I think our favorite activity, however, was the mindbender experience that took the facial images of two people sitting across from each other and melded their faces into one person.

There were many laughs over our new creations of:

Grolly (Grace + Molly)


                                                   Tosty (Toby + Rusty)


                                                 And Toler (Toby + Tyler)


             What a fun day we had exploring the wonders of what makes us, US!

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