Fandom Fun


Is there anything more thrilling than receiving a letter or a package in the mailbox, bearing your name? I sometimes feel like this novelty wears off as we enter adulthood and the anticipation of going to the mailbox is replaced with a sense of dread, but then unexpectedly you will find, sitting atop a pile of bills, a pretty pink envelope bearing your name in curvy script and those childhood feelings of delight return.

Kids love mail…at least mine do. Whether it is a letter from grandparents, a magazine subscription or catalog bearing their name, or even a college flyer, there is such thrill in knowing something in that metal mailbox is meant just for you.

This past week I have had two kids eagerly offering to make runs to the mailbox (located a mile away at the end of the road) to see if our mail carrier had arrived.

Both were anticipating packages and were as antsy and eager as a school girl waiting on a birthday invitation.

Both kids belong to monthly subscription “fandom” clubs. Gracie’s membership came as a Christmas gift from G.G., while Rusty has been picking up extra jobs here and there to fund his club membership. Both of their memberships involve receiving a monthly package packed full of their favorite goodies…and both their packages arrived this week.

Gracie’s package comes from the Fandom of the Month Club and contains a different themed fandom each month.

The fandoms range from Star Wars, to book series, to Disney movies. This month’s fandom revolved around “The Little Mermaid.”


In each fandom box subscribers receive the same sort of items each month but each month’s treats differ greatly depending on the theme. For instance, every month the box contains a postcard, magnet, and little zippered bag containing 3-4 pieces of jewelry reflective of that theme. This was this month’s Little Mermaid bag:


Here were all the surprises it contained:


Gracie was beside herself with glee.

Rusty’s subscription box also arrived. His subscription is through Gamer Block.IMG_1991

His subscription is similar in the sense it arrives monthly and contains surprises revolving around a center theme but Rusty’s themes are all video game related. His box each month contains a t-shirt, 2-3 additional video game themed gifts and a new release game for the computer.

Here are some of the goodies Rusty received in his fandom box:

This was Rusty’s first time ordering, and the fact he spent his own hard-earned dollars on it he was hoping he wouldn’t be disappointed…

And he wasn’t.

He too was thrilled by what he found in the box.

It is always nice to find that sort of mail in the mailbox!


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