Molly Four-Eyes



Perfect vision is something I’ve always prided myself on. There is so little about me that is perfect…or nearly perfect…or, well, adequate, that when you are told there is something about you that is PERFECT it is hard not to become somewhat prideful.

I recognize that with the 40’s looming around the corner this is not a status I probably will hold for much longer, so until that day when I must slink into a drugstore to purchase my first pair of “cheaters” I will shout from the rooftops,

“While much of me is barely hanging on, there is a piece of me that is practically perfect in every way, Baby!”

Unfortunately, my children have not inherited my perfect vision gene. Instead they have taken after their Daddy who has been wearing glasses since childhood.

Both Grace and Rusty need to wear glasses on occasions when seeing at a distance is necessary (like driving, watching movies, etc.) and Ozzie (whose genes we are not responsible for) must wear glasses 24/7 as he is blind as a bat without him. (He has 20/600 vision without glasses, which means what Ozzie can see at 20 feet (without glasses) is what a person with 20/20 vision can see at 600 feet away.)

Molly and Tyler were my last two glasses-free kiddos…until recently.

At everyone’s annual physicals in February Molly didn’t pass her vision test and was referred to an optometrist for further testing. This was an appointment we felt shouldn’t be delayed given the fact that we are all sitting ducks with her behind the wheel.

Monday was her appointment.


Upon arrival, she was still questioning the results of her testing, sure the nurse was incorrect. “I don’t have any trouble seeing,” she argued.

Her tune soon changed however when she was seated behind the trial lens frames in the doctor’s office. She soon discovered that the visual acuity she could achieve with a little straining and squinting was nothing compared to the clear, crisp vision of prescription lenses.

“Wow!” was her response when the doctor adjusted the lenses and told her this is how the world would look with the right pair of glasses.

It turns out Molly has astigmatism that can be easily fixed with glasses, so while that wasn’t the news she was expecting, Molly quickly embraced the idea of a new fashionable accessory that will also help her see better.

She shopped and tried on pair after pair, uncertain of what she would like on herself,

But finally chose a pair she loved…

Miss Molly, the newest four-eye in the family:


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