Molly joins National Honor Society


After much fun and frivolity, the time arrived for the main event…the reason we traveled out east in the first place…

 It was time for Molly’s National Honor Society induction ceremony!

This special event was scheduled to begin Thursday evening at 5:30pm but Grace, as president of National Honor Society, was asked to arrive early with the other officers so they could practice their parts and do a walkthrough of the evening’s events.

This year it was being held at a different venue from the last few NHS ceremonies.

We walked in and knew at once we had found the right place.

The first clue was the school’s logo:


The second clue was Tatum, who ran out to greet us:


The presence of the Hudaks clued us in that we had arrived.


Speaking of “arriving,” we discovered we truly had “arrived” when we received our seating assignments and discovered we would be eating with the school’s BIG WIGS in addition to our friends, the Hudaks. It was a bit intimidating to discover we had been placed at a table with the new high school principal, Dr. Teresa McSweeney, and the head of education, Dr. Benjamin Ruby, but we soon discovered that we had won the table lottery with table 3. They were both a delight to dine with and there was much laughter and conversation.

Before dinner began we had the opportunity to mix and mingle, visiting with teachers and cyber friends. In the lobby they had a slide show playing that highlighted each inductee with that student’s photo and a message from their family.


Our New Castle Star Co-op was well represented with five of our co-op kids being inducted that night in NHS and NJHS,


 in addition to our two co-op kids that are officers in NHS.


It made me so proud of our kids and our little co-op!

We were eventually call to our seats and welcomed by Mr. Winterode.

The evening began with dinner. The food was yummy, especially the start: (a delicious mixed green salad with sugared walnuts, crumbled blue cheese, dried fruit and a sweet and sour dressing,)

And the end: (a scrumptious raspberry cheesecake)…YUM!


During dinner we enjoyed conversation with the two school administrators seated at our table. It was a delight to hear their stories of how they came to work at 21CCCS, as well as share our experiences and feedback as 21CCCS families.


As dessert arrived the program began with words from Dr. Teresa McSweeney who began with a little history lesson about the National Honor Society (Did you know it had its start in Pittsburgh?) and then congratulated and welcomed the new inductees.


We then heard from a faculty speaker (who also happened to be the first 21CCCS graduate to return as faculty,) followed by words from one of the NHS student officers.

Then the lighting ceremony began. Four of the current NHS members and officers, including Grace and Olivia, spoke about the four pillars of National Honor Society: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. They each lit a candle to represent that virtue that is shown by every NHS member and in each of our new inductees. After the center candle was lit the flame was passed to each inductee.


It was a joy to watch Grace, as NHS president, pass the flame to her little sister.


The new inductees were then called up to the front individually to receive their NHS pin and membership card, as well as to be welcomed into the National Honor Society organization by the NHS faculty leaders and the principals.


The ceremony ended with much applause as we celebrate an exceptional group of students whose lives truly exemplify the four NHS pillars of leadership, scholarship, character and service.


What a testament to the incredible teachers, staff, students, and families that ARE 21st Century Cyber Charter School.

We feel so blessed to be a 21st Century family.

The remainder of the evening was spent mingling with teachers and congratulating our new inductees. The country club eventually had to kick everyone out when it became apparent that everyone was enjoying themselves too much to leave without a little nudging.


It was a wonderful night and we were so proud of Miss Molly and all the effort and work she put towards her goal of being a member of National Honor Society!

IMG_2903 (2)

Congratulations, Molly, you make our hearts happy.

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