Holy COW!



The theme for the evening was COWS…

And, oh, what fun we had with our steers and heifers.

After our fieldtrip on Wednesday we had 24 hours to kill until Molly’s National Honor Society induction ceremony (the real reason we were in the Philadelphia area,) and we were looking for something fun to do that we wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do when we have the little boys with us.

So how did we spend our evening, you ask.

We donned painting aprons, sat before canvases, and created cows.

IMG_2733 (2)

It was Gracie’s idea, after having had such a fun experience at Painting with a Twist in Exton a few years ago with Miss Lana and Olivia. When we went onto the website to see what painting was being offered for that evenings class, we were sold!

So after dinner we drove over to “Painting with a Twist “where we joined 10 other aspiring artists for a night of creativity.

IMG_2730 (2)

Molly and Rusty were a bit nervous, feeling like their artistic skills wouldn’t be up to par with the other students in the class, but Grace and I kept reassuring them that the entire experience was a fun, no-pressure opportunity to be creative with no fear of “messing up.”

The painting classes at Painting With a Twist are run by an instructor who leads the class step by step through the creation of a predetermined painting. In our class we were all painting colorful cows, but had the choice whether to paint steers or heifers.

IMG_2735 (2)IMG_2737 (2)

Rusty was the only one who picked horns over a flower wreath for his cow’s head.

The class took two hours with the instructor leading us through the steps of creating the cow painting, beginning with the background and ending with the top of the cow’s head.

IMG_2741 (2)IMG_2743 (2)IMG_2745 (2)

It was so much fun.

I loved the creative process, but even more than that I loved watching my children create and gain confidence in their own abilities as their paintings came together.

The end results were charming.

IMG_2750 (2)

I loved how we all sat through the same class and yet everyone’s cows were so different and so reflective of the artist.

IMG_2755 (2)IMG_2753 (2)IMG_2756 (2)IMG_2761

We were better than we ever thought we’d be…

Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the artist that lives within:


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