Spring Formal


After a few fun-filled days in Philadelphia it was time to return home, but the fun wasn’t over. Friday night was Spring Formal.

IMG_3090 (2)

Our church hosts a Spring Formal for the youth in our area every Spring. This formal event is a chance for the youth, ages 14-18, to dress up and enjoy a “prom” that offers appropriate song choices, modest dresses, and clean dancing… a formal dance more aligned with their standards then some of the school formals .

The kids have been going for a few years and it has become a tradition to take all the Hudaks who are 14 or older with us. This means the last two years all three Hudaks and the oldest three McCleerys have gone together.

IMG_2966 (2)

We arrived home, from traveling all day, and had an hour to get everyone dolled up and out the door.


Being all boy, it took Rusty only a fraction of the time it took the girls to get ready. Mimi Joy recently bought him a new suit for his belated Christmas gift. The timing was perfect for Spring Formal, given his old suit was now inches too short thanks to a recent growth spurt. He looked downright dapper!


The girls made it easy on me this year too when they went shopping in their closets, saving me from having to take them dress shopping. Gracie chose to wear her custom made Downtown Abby dress from her 18th birthday tea party.


 Molly dress was a hand-me-down. She decided to wear Gracie’s dress from her second Spring Formal. We originally found it at Salvation Army for $5.00 and boy, have we gotten our money’s worth out of that purchase. That floor length maroon gown has been worn to Spring Formal by Grace,  other young women at church, and now it was Molly’s turn.


It was made for Molly!

They all looked so smart and stylish.

This year Spring Formal was held at the beautiful 21st Century Club in downtown Pittsburgh. Over the last few years the venue for Spring Formal has changed a few times, but this was Gracie’s favorite previously used venue. It seemed fitting that for her final Spring Formal she return to the place where she attended her first Spring Formal.

IMG_3039 (2)IMG_3038 (2)

When everyone was ready to go Toby took the kids to meet up with the Hudaks at Lana’s parent’s home to pick up kids and get some photos of this good looking bunch.

IMG_3017 (2)IMG_3030 (2)

Toby graciously offered to play chaperone, for which I was grateful after a full week of driving down to Virginia, and then across the state to Philly, and then onto Ohio the next morning.

IMG_3079 (2)

I love this photo of Grace and Rusty because it highlights the size difference between Grace and her “little” brother so well!


The kids said it was a perfect night, filled with good fun, great music, special friends, lots of laughter, and dance after dance after dance…

IMG_3063 (2)IMG_3078 (2)IMG_3080 (2)IMG_3072 (2)IMG_3062 (2)IMG_3089 (2)IMG_3084 (2)

This year is Grace and Olivia’s last Spring Formal and it couldn’t have ended in a more perfect way.

IMG_3010 (2)

It was magical night.

IMG_3098 (2)

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