Dr. Gulland’s Birthday Party


This week we spent Monday evening with our orthodontist (and his staff), celebrating his birthday.

dr. g

Every year our orthodontist celebrates his birthday by inviting all his orthodontic patients to a night of roller skating, laser tag, bumper cars, etc. ..on him! He offers this free night of fun as a way of showing appreciation for his patients and their families. It is so generous and completely reflective of how his office does business… and why we continue to do business with them.

Dr. G’s office is 45 minutes from our home, and while there are closer places we could take our children to get braces, we consider it a worthwhile time investment to drive to Dr.G’s office. We love him, we love the work he does, we love the staff, but most importantly we love what he stands for. He is a man of character and so he gets our business.

We have been attending Dr. Gulland’s birthday celebration for many years, first because of Grace being his patient, and then because of Rusty.  Ozzie is the next one in line for braces. 🙂

Dr. G rents out the Olympic Fun Center near his office. It is a huge building filled with an abundance of fun for kids (and adults). There is roller skating, a climbing wall, laser tag, bumper cars and a huge climbing/play set. All the kids have their favorite activities but the treat is that they don’t have to choose. They can try everything, since it is all included in the evening for free.

IMG_3224 (2)

This year we met up with the Hudak family, who also happens to be Dr. G patients, and the ones who first introduced us to this amazing orthodontic office.

IMG_3227 (2)

The kids had fun skating with their friends and I had fun sitting and catching up with Miss Lana.

IMG_3238 (2)IMG_3228

IMG_3236 (2)IMG_3231 (2)IMG_3242 (2)IMG_3243 (2)

At the end of the event the kids and I headed over to Kraynak’s (an incredible toy store/ gift shop/ garden center) also in Hermitage, to see their Easter displays. It was an enchanting way to end our Monday night of fun!


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