Molly made the News!


Things have been challenging at Patchwork Farm. It is never easy when, as a parent, you have a child struggling. As a result of exhaustion and not knowing what to say or share I have found myself avoiding blog writing, and it is only the build up of pictures and the stress of getting “too far behind” in recording the events of our life that have kept small, quick, “update” type blogs coming.

I am still not sure how to best express the current struggles our family is navigating right now, so I will put that blog on the back burner and just summarize our reality with, “Reactive Attachment Disorder SUCKS.” (Don’t tell my children I used that bad word. 🙂  But really, no other word fits.)

So until I feel better capable of verbalizing that side of life I will keep to less emotionally draining topics.

Over the next few blogs I will share some of the happier news at Patchwork Farm.

First up:

Molly made the News!

A few weeks ago Molly came racing into my room with the exciting news that she had received a very special invitation from her Spanish I teacher, Mrs. Parvin.  Their cyber charter school, 21st Century, was being highlighted on Fox 29 News Philadelphia and a few chosen teachers were asked to pick students to be part of the news segment.  She asked Molly if she would be willing to participate.


Although nervous, Molly was touched that Mrs. Parvin thought of her and agreed to participate.

The news segment featured Bob Kelly as part of a regularly broadcast news segment called, “Kelly’s Classrooms,” where he goes into local school and showcases what is happening in schools around the Philly area.


It was quite exciting for 21st Century to be chosen for the segment and great publicity for our school.

On the morning of the big day everyone was up early, getting ready for Molly’s virtual “15 minutes of fame.”


My primary focus was keeping all noisy boys and rowdy dogs as far away from Molly’s bedroom as possible until her time on screen was over.

I was up the night before with nightmares that we would be reenacting the recently famous BBC video of a father’s 15 minutes of academic fame being interrupted by a dancing daughter and a baby on wheels who broke into his office during a live news interview.

Remember this:

I had horrifically vivid visions of me belly crawling across Molly’s floor to grab Tyler and Olive by the scruffs of their necks while Molly tried to answer Bob Kelly’s questions in the foreground.

It took a pound of candy, 13 bacon strips, and unlimited access to Netflix to keep everyone under control and quiet, but I got the job done and Molly had her moment in the sun.

Here is part of Bob Kelly’s segment of 21st Century Cyber Charter School and Miss Molly’s 15 minutes of fame!

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