Time to Decorate Eggs!


For the past few years we have been going on our scrapbooking retreat the week before Easter, due in large part to the fact we all homeschool and our kids are on Easter break those days. The downside of going away days before Easter is that you have to jump back into real life in an epic way when you return home and have 24 hours to make Easter happen…

At least that was the case with me this year. We have been moving at light speed these last few weeks so nothing was done prior to leaving despite all my good intentions.

So, the night before Easter we were coloring eggs for the bunny to hide the next morning.

Egg coloring is a creative pursuit all the kids can get into, even Tyler who bucks  most things artsy. We always seem to run out of eggs before they run out of creativity, so this year I planned accordingly and hard boiled 54 eggs.

This meant everyone had all the eggs they needed to try every Pinterest design they had stumbled across involving rubber bands, wax, gold leaf, glitter, glue, feathers, and belly button lint. 😉

Here is a look at the creative process and backstage peek into “Easter Artistry” at Patchwork Farm:


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