Soccer Season Starts


Soccer season is upon us once again.

Although the start of soccer season has been a slow one due to an abundance of rainy days, Tyler is still thrilled to be donning shin guards and cleats once again.

This season began with a change from past seasons. This year Tyler has a female soccer coach, which I find perfectly thrilling. She is wonderful and exactly what Tyler needs. Tyler is drawn to men in a way he isn’t as comfortable with women. He loves male authority and does well under their leadership. He is less secure under female leadership. I think it comes down to the fact big, strong men represent safety. He feels like a man can protect him from the threats he fears most in the world (like his biological Dad finding him and trying to kill him) in a way a woman can’t. What this means in a practical sense is that he will always seek out men for companionship or approval over the company of females. This is something we have worked on over the years, and he is slowly getting more and more comfortable trusting women.

Last soccer season he experienced a co-ed sports team for the first time and it was awesome to see him evolve into a team player who came to respect the unique talents and skills the girls on his team brought to the field.

This year has stretched him even more as he has two female coaches.

They are great with Tyler.

His head coach reminds me a lot of my dear friend Kris H. They share the same bitty stature, sense of humor, enthusiasm, and spunk…a perfect mix of traits for coaching a group of high energy, 10-year-olds.

Their games have been rained out twice, but the games that they have been able to play they have won.

It promises to be another fun soccer season with Tyler, and we are excited to be cheering him on.

IMG_3808 (2)IMG_3802 (2)IMG_3803 (2)IMG_3811 (2)IMG_3812 (2)

Go Team!

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