Memorial Day


This Memorial Day weekend was not a “typical” one.


It began with a trip to the Emergency Room and ended with the plague. On Sunday five soldiers had fallen ill, with half sick from the stomach flu while the other half were battling fever, chills and aches. Grace ended up going to church alone.

On Monday we had the annual Memorial Day picnic with our church family and we hemmed and hawed as to whether we should go. I still wasn’t feeling 100%  and after the weekend I had I was feeling weary and not really wanting to smile and be social, but this tradition is important to the kids and during these tough stretches with Oz it becomes all the more important to keep things “normal” and “light” for our other kids as much as possible, so we went.

And it was good.

I was able to talk to some close friends that I haven’t had the chance to visit with for a while, and the kids had a blast.

The park where we hold this annual event is ideally located within easy driving distance for all church members. Its even ground and easily accessible pavilion makes it ideal for our older and physically challenged members.

There is a grassy area perfect for the teens to play volleyball,


A playground for the little kids,


And a shallow creek which provides hours of wet fun for the kids in between.


Parents are able to sit in lawn chairs, watch their kids, and visit in between trips to the grill and pot luck line.


The weather cooperated and was ideal for picnicking.

Everyone had a good time eating, playing, and catching up with friends.

It was a good way to end a not so good weekend.


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