Let’s Go Fly a Kite



Prior to leaving for the beach I picked up 5 kites when I found them on sale while I was shopping. Like their mother, my kids have never really had a successful kite flying experience. As a child I remember several attempts at kite flying that never really took off.

Eagerly anticipating a Hallmark card moment of standing in a field of blowing grass,

with the tails of my kite blowing in the wind,

as I held tight to the string,

ended instead with me running full speed through the field,

working up a sweat

as I fought to catch a breeze so that my kite would take flight.

Until yesterday I had never successfully flown a kite.

But there on the beach, that everyone else had abandoned because of grey skies, choppy waves and increased wind, our kites took flight. In fact they soared.

That very element that drove away the other sunbathers, is the very thing that we needed. It was the winds of adversity that allowed us to find joy in soaring.

The same can be said for our lives. So often we think that real joy, peace, and fulfillment in life come from ease or the absence of trials, when in reality it is the storms and winds of adversity that cause us to rise above the world, soar to greater heights, and allow us to touch the heavens.

I used to think happiness came with a life of ease, but I have learned that it is through great opposition that we grip the string of God’s grace more tightly, and are lifted to higher places, better able to view Heavenly Father’s greatest vistas.

Sure a life of ease seems safe and comfortable, but it is only by following God’s calling to step into the wind that our souls really take flight.


The wind blew. Our kits flew. And we were blessed with an afternoon of joy.

IMG_4884 (2)IMG_4928 (2)IMG_4930IMG_4926 (2)IMG_4897 (2)IMG_4962IMG_4869 (2)IMG_4859 (2)IMG_4912 (2)IMG_4945 (2)IMG_4940 (2)IMG_4965 (2)IMG_4920 (2)IMG_4948 (2)

Don’t fear the winds of adversity. Step forth with faith, trusting the Keeper of the wind, and discover the joy of flying a kite!

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