Mural Club Creativity



Thursday morning we left our cottage by the sea by 8:30 am to make the 1 1/2 hour drive to Downingtown, PA, where my four oldest kids’ cyber charter school is located. The next three days will be filled with end of the school year activities, and this big art project by the mural club was the first event scheduled.

My three oldest kids are all members of the school’s mural club. Every other week they meet virtually over their computer’s web cams and create a painting on canvas that their mural club teacher leads them through.

Grace joined mural club three years ago and has loved it. Her first year Lana, Olivia, Grace and I traveled out to Downingtown so that they could participate in the mural club’s first wall mural. Grace submitted a design for that mural and her design was chosen. It was a painting of the state with the different subjects taught in the school represented within the borders of Pennsylvania.


Last year the members of the mural club didn’t all come together to create a wall mural, but rather created the same painting of the school’s logo on individual canvases with their own creative, Andy Warhol-like spin. Those paintings now hang on the walls around the school.

This year the theme of mural club throughout the year has been food. Each mural club meeting they have been creating artwork of food on canvases in their own homes under the instruction of Ms. Cloetingh, in preparation for the big mural that was to be a food themed mural for the school’s lunchroom.

The students were invited to submit designs for the big wall mural and my three kids each submitted a design with Gracie’s “four seasons of food” design being chosen as the one that would be used.

Prior to going, the kids, with Olivia and Tatum, decided that they wanted to do something special for their mural club teacher and came up with this “art bouquet.” Using a can filled with florist foam, we created “flowers” using paintbrushes and tubes of acrylic paint taped to colored pencils. We were thrilled how it turned out!


We dropped off the mural club members and Grace documented the creative process with her camera.

P1100141 (2)

They began with Gracie’s sketch being projected up onto the canvas, which they outlined with black markers, creating a giant coloring book on the wall.

P1100099 (2)

Then the mural club members began filling it in, using an ombre’ effect for the background of the four seasons of themed foods.

P1100137 (2)

There were a lot of mural club members there so they made quick work of this big task.

P1100127 (2)P1100116 (2)

P1100126 (2)


At lunch time the mural club students were able to join all the school staff for their big end of the year BBQ in the back parking lot of the school. They had fun reveling in this celebratory atmosphere and had fun mingling with their teachers.

P1100118P1100119 (2)

After lunch they enjoyed the yummy homemade cupcakes Olivia brought for the mural club to enjoy. They were as “artistic” as they were yummy!

P1100122 (2)P1100133

At 3:00 we returned to pick up the kids and got to see the finished product…a work of art that will hang on the wall of the teachers’ lunchroom for years to come.

P1100149 (2)P1100148 (2)

Nice work, Mural Club!

P1100145 (2)

Our crew was the last to leave so we were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the upstairs where the teachers of the school congregate and spend their days on the other side of my kids’ computers.

IMG_5482 (1)

Most had left for the day, as it was the last day of school for staff, but the kids were able to leave notes for their favorite teachers taped to their desks.

IMG_5484 (1)

Boy do we love this school!

IMG_5492 (1)

Thanks for another great experience, 21st Century Cyber Charter School!


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