Watching the sun rise…attempt #1 and attempt #2


One of the kids’ request for this beach vacation was the opportunity to wake before the sun and watch a sunrise on the beach.

I was game and felt that the lost sleep was worth the emotional dividends gained by such a special experience with my oldest treasures.

Our first attempt at watching the sunrise was Tuesday morning. I woke just before 5:00 am, quietly crept down the stairs so as to not wake up the little boys sleeping in the room next to us, and shook the big kids into motion. It was chilly so everyone pulled on one of Toby’s sweatshirts (he was the only one of us smart enough to pack warm clothes) and grabbed throw blankets to wrap around our shoulders.

It was cold, misty, and very grey, but we were optimistically hopeful that the sun might make an appearance over the horizon, so we headed to the beach.



Needless to say, no one else showed up for the sunrise show, including the “star” of the show.


We sat on the beach waiting for a break in the clouds, which never came.


But we still had fun collecting shells and watching the big waves roll in. By 6:30 am we finally gave up hope that Mr. Sun would ever appear and headed back home.

Attempt #2 came Thursday morning, hours before our departure.

In a last-ditch effort to cross “watch a sunrise at the beach” off our collective bucket lists we woke before 5:00 am once again and began our trek to the beach. We were hopeful this time would be more successful. The temperatures were warmer and the sky was lighter.

IMG_5411 (2)

We walked to the beach, turned the corner, and saw the first rays of orange and gold.

IMG_5413 (2)

What a sight!

IMG_5417 (2)

We arrived just as that beautiful ball of flames began to peek over the ocean.

IMG_5433 (2)

It was enough to take your breath away.


It was balm for my soul.

IMG_5446 (2)

A perfect way to end a heart-healing, soul-soothing few days.

What a magnificent site,

P1100093 (2)

Created by a magnificent God.

And what lovely company to share it with.

IMG_5436 (2)

I am blessed!



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