21st Century Bowling Party



The fun on Friday didn’t end when the girls were dropped off at prom. No, then we headed over to the local bowling alley for 21st Century Cyber Charter School’s end of the school year celebration.

Since the two events were happening simultaneously, Toby and Woody had taken the rest of the kids over to the bowling party in our van while we dropped Olivia and Grace off at Prom in the Hudak’s van.

It was such smart planning on the school’s part to run these two big events at the same time. It gives younger siblings something to do while their older siblings were at prom, while saving families multiple trips across the state for multiple events.

We arrived 30 minutes after the rest of our crew and there was a celebratory feeling in the air as teachers and students welcomed the start of summer break.

IMG_5589 (2)

It was a huge bowling alley, big enough to allow for all the students and teachers in attendance to bowl together in the 20+ lanes.

IMG_5582 (2)

Our crew split our numbers between two connecting bowling lanes with Tatum and Molly getting to bowl with their shared learning coach, Mike Winterode, affectionately referred to as “Coach.”

IMG_5598 (2)


The event lasted for 3 ½ hours, allowing enough time for multiple games and plenty of socialization. (*GASP*…socialization in a cyber school environment?! Yes, it does happen 😉)

IMG_5611 (2)

Pizza, chips, cookies and soda were served.

IMG_5616 (2)

The kids had a lot of fun despite our profound lack of bowling talent.

IMG_5595 (2)

As we bowled, the teachers moved through the crowd mingling and stopping to visit with their various students. It was fun to interact with the teachers in a more casual setting.

IMG_5594 (2)IMG_5578 (2)IMG_5576 (2)

By the end of the party a dance floor was cleared, music was blasting, and everyone was kicking up their heels…

Including Tyler who couldn’t keep off the dance floor.

IMG_5612 (2)

Oh, how far he has come.


It was such a fun school outing. As it came to an end we said our good-byes to friends and teachers for the summer,

IMG_5618 (2)

And left to pick up the prom princesses.

IMG_5626IMG_5640 (2)IMG_5647 (2)IMG_5621

We were off to celebrate our graduates at Plaza Azteca!

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