Plaza Azteca



Following the end of the year bowling party and prom we decided to take Grace and Olivia out for their graduation celebratory dinner.

Graduation was the following day and all the festivities would stretch from 10:15 am to 3:00pm. Because Olivia’s dad had to leave for a work trip Sunday morning at 3:00am, we knew they would have to leave immediately after graduation to head home, so we decided to have our graduation dinner the night before graduation.

We left the bowling party, picked up the girls from Whitford Country Club,

And then headed over to Plaza Azteca, a Mexican restaurant many of the teachers recommended for an excellent Mexican dinner.

IMG_5661 (2)

One of the menu items they insisted that we try was the homemade guacamole that the staff make tableside.


It was like dinner and a show…

IMG_5664 (2)

And the end results were delicious! Some of the best guacamole I have ever had.

IMG_5667 (2)

While waiting for our food to arrive the two seniors opened their graduation gifts. For Olivia, we created a “School is done, let vacation begin!” bag of beach treats in a beach bag.

IMG_5651 (2)

The Hudaks bought Grace a beautiful charm necklace that holds mementoes reflective the wearer.  Olivia has one too and Grace has always admired it. In the clear locket were charms representative of Grace like an ASL “love” charm, a cross, FAITH, and a graduation cap.


IMG_5657 (2)IMG_5671IMG_5676 (2)

It was a delicious dinner. It was fun to visit, reflect on the fact that tomorrow is graduation, and hear all about prom.

It was a lovely way to celebrate an amazing journey…


And to celebrate it with our best friends only made it all the more special!

IMG_5675 (2)

How blessed we are!

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