Olivia’s Graduation Gift



Miss Lana hit it out of the ballpark and won major “mom points” when she gifted Oliva with a night away with her best friend as her graduation gift to Olivia…

And my girls were recipients of Olivia’s good fortune.

The talk began months ago when the girls began discussing  how much fun it would be to get a hotel room and have a spa/shopping night away after graduation.

Miss Lana decided to grant Olivia’s wish as her graduation gift. There was talk about whether this special night would be reserved just for the two graduates, Olivia and Grace, or whether they would invite their two little sisters to join them. In the end Olivia decided if a party of two was fun, then a party of four was even better!

The preparations that led up to this night away began weeks ago as the girls started making plans. They decided to have dinner at the hotel and bring all the makings to fix the food in the kitchenette that was in their room.

They knew they wanted a spa-like experience and planned accordingly, packing things like face masks, cucumber slices, sparkling flavored waters, and the ingredients to make bath bombs.

Following in the tradition of their mothers’ annual scrapbooking weekend, they decided they would all exchange goody bags and gifts with each other.

In the end Miss Lana’s packed van looked much like it does when we go away scrapbooking…filled with clothes, food, craft supplies, and gifts for each other. These girls have learned from the best! When we go away we do it right!


The girls began their night away on Wednesday afternoon when Miss Lana dropped them off at their fancy hotel room for the night.


The hotel was located next to Grove City Outlet Mall, allowing for some fun shopping and retail therapy, in addition to all the fun activities they had planned for in the room.


They began their adventure by exchanging patches. Each girl was instructed to bring a denim shirt and 6-9 patches to exchange, that were reflective of each friend. It was fun to see what each girl picked for each other. The patches were exchanged and fastened on, creating fun “matching” tops for them to wear shopping the following day.


Then they headed out to do a little exploring before dinner,


With a swim in the pool,



Some fun at the gym,


And a stroll over to the mall.


Then it was time for dinner. Their hotel room had a fun kitchen and dining area in the room which allowed the girls to make a fancy dinner with the food they brought and sit down for a nice meal together.


They made Chicken Caesar Salad, mashed potatoes, fiesta dip and cookie dough dip.


After dinner they exchanged their gifts.


Each of the girls was incredibly creative.

Grace made custom mugs using a technique she found on Pinterest with nail polish, and filled them with socks, and manicure supplies.


Olivia made homemade pillows for each girl that were decorated with a quote they are known for saying.


Tatum got each girl socks, a cute water bottle filled with candy, and hand sanitizers that attach to their bags.


Molly also bought each girl a pair of socks, as well as lotion and these cute inflatable floating cup holders for the pool…which they tried out in the tub.


Then it was time for spa night to begin.


They began by making homemade bath bombs which were used in the tub to soak their feet.


Then it was time for face masks. Tatum picked up funny emoji face masks for each girl to try.


Then it was time for facials.



The next morning the girls were up and moving by 8:30 am, so as to enjoy the complimentary breakfast offered by the hotel,


as well as get in a little swimming before it was time to check out of their room.


The manager was kind enough to allow them to stow their gear in the office while they went shopping at the outlet mall for a few hours before Miss Lana was scheduled to pick them up.

At Grove City Outlets they found some incredible deals and had a blast shopping at stores like Rue 21, Claire’s, Bath and Body Works, Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory, and Peace Love and Little Donuts.



It was a epic ending to an amazing 24 hours.


Happy graduation, Olivia!

Thanks for sharing your gift with my girls!



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