“Be Still and know that I am God”



On Tuesday morning I woke to the sound of the birds greeting the rising sun and the trickle of water running off the eves of my cabin,

warm and content beneath the heaviness of my sleeping bag,

feeling embraced by the sweet spirit that permeates Girls’ Camp.

Girls’ Camp is a place of refuge and rest for this weary traveler.

For those who have never served as a Girls’ Camp leader, that statement may sound contradictory…especially if you had walked into my dining room three days ago and saw the piles and piles of packing, shopping, wrapping, writing, creating and organizing that go into being a level leader at camp.

It is a lot of work that is months in the making,

And the process of bringing the vision of camp to life is laborious,

So, what do I mean?

 I mean camp is my port in the storm.

I feel this way every year,

But it has never been more needed than it is this year.

It is a place where I can be still.

Not physically, mind you…but emotionally.

Away from the frantic pace of everyday life. Away from the feelings of worry, hopelessness and the weariness of everyday trials, I find rest.

There is something special about the camp atmosphere.

Something special about the people who return year after year.

Something special about these sweet 12-18 year old young ladies who, too, discover a special spirit found intermingled within the lessons on fire starting and first aid.

Something special about the contagious displays of good works and kind words that makes one feel as though they have stepped away from the world for the week and have elevated to a higher plane.

It is a place that has become my annual sanctuary and retreat from the hustle/bustle of life and the place where I can drink deep from the well of renewal. It is my place to reorient my compass and take note if I’ve gone off track. It is my place to talk to my Heavenly Father, pour out the burdens of my heart at His feet, and hear His answers to my struggles.

It is my place to answer His challenge:

“Be Still and Know That I am God.”

I am empty.

I came to camp weary to the marrow of my bones,

With a dry, empty well…

Hungry for His peace,

Desperate for His strengthening power.

I came to commune with my God.

I came to be fed.

And I have been.

It was a wonderful week.

Oh, how I love Girls’ Camp!


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  1. Thanks for the beautiful thoughts. I grew up with a mother who was always camp director–back when it was REALLY camping. It’s true there’s nothing like it. Mountains and trees are magically healing. Ironically I write this as I sit on my front porch in the sun with a breeze and listen to nature. Growing up in high altitude in Albuquerque I’m used to intense light. I’ve never gotten used to dreary skies. So I am in heaven at this moment enjoying blue skies. It’s been an amazing spring (except for the terrible rain storms).

    Myrleen Manley


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