A Busy Saturday


I LOVE Saturdays when we can be home, have no where to go, and can get caught up on work projects around the house. Having a stay-at-home Saturday is a rare treat and one I cherish when it does finally roll around. This past Saturday was one of those days.

Not everyone was home ALL day…the girls both had a shift at work for half a day and Toby had to go into work for a few hours in the morning, but the bulk of the day was spent home, working on our ever growing “honey do” list.

The day was spent catching up on yard work,

Fixing the front door that had been damaged by our anxious “horse” who panics when she can’t get to us immediately.

IMG_6742 (2)

Holes…many, many holes…where patched from fits of anger in the last 6 months, when little boys put their fists through their bedroom walls.

A fallen tree was cut up and turned into firewood.

We cut boys’ hair and cut dogs’ nails.

We were so productive and anxiously engaged in the tasks before us that I didn’t even think to take pictures and document the progress.

In fact the only photographic evidence I have of our busy day is this picture of Rusty’s completed packing pile for scout camp.

(He left this morning to spend a week at Boy Scout Camp with his troop. He was SO excited!)


And this picture of the kids’ weeding progress which I documented out of pure parenting pride.

After many complaints about the inequality of effort being put into the weeding task given to the kids, I came up with the idea of taping off sections of the mulch, assigning each child a section, and then letting them know they could be done when their section was weed free. This allowed each child to set their own pace and not be held up by less motivated siblings…thus equalizing the task for all involved and making each one accountable for their own work.

IMG_6717 (2)

Parenting like a BOSS!


It was a parenting win!

I see A LOT of blue painter’s tape in our future!

In the evening, after our tasks for the day were done, we headed outside to enjoy a campfire and s’mores.

IMG_6724 (2)

It was a beautiful evening.

We had fun cloud watching…

IMG_6772 (2)

We found Dumbo!

IMG_6721 (2)

Molly introduced us to her newest bunny baby:

IMG_6748 (2)

IMG_6756 (2)

We played ball and relaxed.

IMG_6733 (2)

And caught fireflies…

IMG_6778 (2)

It was a perfect way to end a productive day.



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