Fun at Jellystone Campground


While the three older kids were pulling handcarts across the rolling hills of Virginia in the 97 degree heat, we were enjoying some more relaxing and cooler activities 30 minutes away in Luray, Virginia.

IMG_7280 (2)

Rather than make two 9 hour drives in 52 hours, we opted to stay close and enjoy a mini camping excursion at the world’s best campground! We had stayed here once before but it had been four years since our last visit. Tyler didn’t remember it and Ozzie had never been there before.

IMG_7271 (2)

In the days leading up to our trip I went back and forth as to whether I felt brave enough to take these two kiddos camping without a husband or older kids to help. I took a leap of faith, banking on the fact that at Jellystone they would be too busy having fun to fight.

We arrived and set up camp. The boys were motivated to work quickly so that they could start enjoying all the amenities that come free with our campground stay. We love Jellystone campgrounds for that very reason. They are always so clean, so well run, and filled with kid friendly fun which is free to their campers.

IMG_7500 (2)

This particular Jellystone however, takes the cake! It is the nicest campground we have EVER stayed at!

The location is breathtaking!

IMG_7465 (2)

Check out these views!

IMG_7486 (2)

It also offered a huge amount of fun for kids of all ages. We kept very busy boating, bouncing, golfing, swimming and sliding while the big kids were trekking.

Here is some of the fun we enjoyed at Luray’s Jellystone Campground:

The water area was awesome. There were two pools and a fun splash playground to keep us cool…which was a blessing because it was HOT!

IMG_7334 (2)IMG_7346 (2)IMG_7326 (2)

There was also a fun water slide that the boys each slid down about 100 times.

IMG_7353 (2)

Located next to the pool was a lake that offered fishing and paddle boats. They were thrilled to find out they were old enough to take the paddle boats out alone, without a grown up.

IMG_7437 (2)IMG_7435

Behind the pool was a play area for kids. There were basketball hoops, Gaga ball courts, playground equipment and two huge bouncing pads.


We spent A LOT of time at the bouncing pads.

IMG_7290 (2)

IMG_7309 (2)IMG_7302 (2)IMG_7301 (2)IMG_7375 (2)

There was also a mini golf course where we enjoyed a competitive game of golf… which this Momma won.

IMG_7410 (2)IMG_7408 (2)

In addition to all this built in fun, the campground also offered fun/free hourly activities like games, crafts, scavenger hunts, hayrides, Yogi Bear meet and greets, and outdoor movies.

While we were there we walked over to meet the animals at the petting zoo that was brought in for the day,

IMG_7376 (2)IMG_7378 (2)IMG_7382 (2)

As well as attend a reptile class one evening.

IMG_7478 (2)IMG_7483

Then there was the simple fun that comes with camping…things like playing with fire, roasting s’mores, cooking outside and sleeping in a tent. Both boys were in heaven!

IMG_7498 (2)

Really the only activity we paid extra for was a one hour session of laser tag for $5.00. It was a hit! Well worth the $5.00.

IMG_7510 (2)IMG_7520 (2)IMG_7515 (2)

It was a fun mini vacation with my two youngest kiddos.

IMG_7508 (2)

You really can’t beat Jellystone Campgrounds when it comes to an all-inclusive, family focused, budget friendly vacation.

A few days ago I worried that I was crazy for trying to camp alone with the little boys… 5 hours away from reinforcements…especially given their current struggles.


The experience wasn’t without incident.

We had a few meltdowns and explosions along the way,

But I did it!

And everyone is alive.

And we even managed to have some fun.


 I must say I’m feeling a bit like Wonder Woman.  🙂

wonder woman 2



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