24 hours and counting…


We woke up on Friday morning buzzing with excitement.


It was 24 hours and counting until Travis’s wedding, an event we have been eagerly anticipating for what feels like forever. We couldn’t wait! What a lovely blessing it is to feel nothing but pure, joyful anticipation about the addition of a new sister. I fell in love with Krista the first time I met her, when she flew out to join us on Ozzie’s adoption day, and it was my prayer ever since that Trav would nab her and make it official. I am so thrilled for them both.


But before the big event there was some work to be done. The wedding was being held at a beautiful country church in the heart of Texas hill country. It was a church that was near and dear to Krista’s family, as it was the same church her parents were married in 33 years ago.


The reception was to be held in the cultural hall behind the church. There was work that needed to be done to transform it into the artistic vision Krista imagined and my mom, my sister, the girls, and I were invited to come help decorate. We were thrilled to be included!


We arrived and Krista took us on a tour of the church. It was so perfect.

IMG_9325 (2)

We then were introduced to Krista’s family; her mom, sister, aunt and cousin. And at once we could see why Krista is such a lovely soul.



Cute sisters!


Her family was delightful and the melding of our two families was seamless. Within an hour it felt as though we had always been connected. What a beautiful blessing that is for the bride and groom.



The mothers of the bride and groom.


Krista is wonderfully artistic and had a charming vision for her reception area.


She had collected mementos from her home that had sentimental value and were reflective of her style and gave us the fun assignment of creating charming, mismatched vignettes for the centerpieces.


We were each allowed to decorate one of the dining tables in our own unique style.


I thought it was incredibly generous and gracious of her to allow everyone the opportunity to decorate a table, even the three girls.


It was so reflective of her thoughtful nature.


We all had so much fun decorating and then checking out each other’s creative interpretations of the task we were given.


Mom, Vicky (Krista’s mom) and Molly also worked on arranging bouquets of flowers for the tables.


The entire decorative scheme was so charming with the hankies, beeswax candles, dried lavender, art books, and mismatched  antiques. I LOVED it!




The finished look! (Taken the next day)


When we were done decorating, Krista’s aunt and  cousin brought in lunch so we could have a family luncheon to celebrate Krista’s big day more intimately as new family.


It was delightful…a fun lead-in to a special day.


24 hours and counting!!

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