Friedhelms Bavarian Restaurant



Friday night was the rehearsal dinner, hosted by my parents.

Those who had a direct role in the wedding ceremony gathered at the church at 5:00 pm for a “dry run” before the big day, while the rest of us stayed back at the hotel to get ready for dinner.

It was decided that the kids would hang out at the hotel while the adults went out for dinner. My big kids kindly volunteered to babysit Tyler and Kelly and Tom’s little ones so that my sister and her husband could enjoy a nice date out without little people…a rare treat for them.

We got the kids all settled in Kelly’s hotel room with take-out pizza and board games before  we left for the restaurant where we were meeting the wedding party.


The restaurant that my parents chose was Friedhelms Bavarian Restaurant, one of many German restaurants in this historically German town in east Texas.

IMG_9291 (2)

The décor was charming and classically German.


We were seated in a semi private room where my parents had made reservations for our party of 30. Since we were the first to arrive we had our choice of seats and chose to sit with Kelly and Tom and enjoy a “double date.”

IMG_9299 (2)IMG_9301

Soon the wedding party and immediate family arrived, joining the other family members who had arrived in town for the wedding, including my grandma, my father’s two sister’s and younger brother and their spouses, as well as my mom’s brother and his wife. Krista’s family was also well represented and it was fun to see the two families mingling and getting acquainted.

IMG_9297 (2)IMG_9296 (2)

The dinner began with some lovely words for the couple by the bride’s mother.

IMG_9293 (2)

Then our four course dinner began.

Dinner was delicious. We were all served vegetable soup, pumpernickel bread and butter, salad topped with red cabbage, and jaeger schnitzel with fried potatoes.


It was a fun evening…

a perfect start to the upcoming festivities.

(I will blog about Travis and Krista’s special day in a few weeks once I have edited and sent the photos from the wedding to the bride and groom. In the meantime I will continue to share about our special time in Fredericksburg, Texas.)

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