Munch Food Park



The wedding was PERFECT!

IMG_9700 (2)

(More on that in a future post)

The little boys all held up beautifully, but by the time we gathered to send off the newlyweds they were ready to shed their button down shirts and head back to the hotel.

IMG_9976 (2)

Grace, Molly and Lydia stayed to help the parents of the bride and groom pack up all the decorations from the reception and load up the wedding gifts, while we took the little boys back to the motel.

After some quiet time in our hotel rooms, we let the boys put on swim suits and burn off the energy that they worked so hard to contain during the ceremony.

Mimi and Pop Pop then took the granddaughters out for a date when they were done cleaning up after the wedding. They went out to dinner together and went shopping in downtown Fredericksburg. The girls each had spending money from Mimi and Pop Pop to spend at Dooley’s 5 &10, a charming old fashioned variety store that has been part of downtown Fredericksburg forever. Krista shared that when she was young her grandmother would also give her spending money for Dooley’s as a treat.


Downtown Fredericksburg is charming. Lined with a variety of stores, everything from apparel to toys, from décor to cowboy gear, the girls had a ball shopping without brothers to slow them down.


While shopping, they ran into Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Richard and enjoyed walking around with them, peeking into all the cute shops. Kathryn and Richard even surprised Grace by purchasing for her a homemade wind chime she fell in love with, for a graduation gift. What a special gift and precious souvenir of her time in Texas.

While the girls were enjoying a special dinner in downtown with Mimi and Pop Pop, Kelly and I were looking for a dinner option for our boys. While looking online I stumbled across an unusual dinner option.

The name of the establishment was “Munch Food Park” and it was comprised of a variety of food trucks.


The website boasted of shaded outdoor seating, live music, restrooms, a playground for the kids and a variety of food trucks for all tastes.

It sounded perfect…good food AND an experience. My favorite type of dining.

We arrived and found the place fairly empty. With a central bar located in the middle of the food trucks and beautiful outdoor lighting, I would guess that  this place really comes to life later in the evening. When we arrived there were just a few small families.


It was charming. Such a fun set up!


When we arrived only three of the food trucks were open, but it worked out perfectly for our needs. The little boys all got hot dogs while Rusty and the adults enjoyed some delicious BBQ.


Rusty and Kelly ordered the pulled pork sandwich. Tom, Toby and I each ordered the ribs with a side of baked potato salad.


It was so yummy. I have fallen in love with Texas BBQ.


While we ate there was live music to enjoy.


And when the kids were done eating there was a play area for them to enjoy while the adults sat and visited uninterrupted.


If we were Fredericksburg residents I think we would frequent Munch Food Park quite often.

It had such a fun, summertime atmosphere…

and AWESOME food!


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