Adventure Club!


(I am a week behind in my blogging, having set aside all non-essential activities these last few days as we prepared for Ozzie’s departure. Our focus has been on preparing everyone emotionally for his departure and packing in some memory making, family bonding experiences for Ozzie before he left. I will now catch everyone up on this past week, but for those who have inquired, Ozzie is now at the trauma center. We drove him up yesterday. We were able to tour the facility, meet the staff, and spend time helping Ozzie get situated and acclimated to his home away from home for the next few months. The facility was beautiful, the staff was awesome, and the Spirit was strong. This Christian based center had a completely different feel from the places Ozzie has had short term stays at. There is a special spirit there as staff works with kids who have experienced the very worst the world has to offer, and helps them heal. I have no doubt God’s hand was in the series of “circumstances” that opened the necessary doors that led to Ozzie being accepted there, but even with that knowledge it was heartbreaking to leave him. I have never done anything harder in my life than driving away from my son, leaving him in the care of strangers, knowing his absence would be felt in our home for the next few months. I know it is where he needs to be to heal, but that knowledge doesn’t lessen the pain of being two hours away from my son. It seems the heartbreak of abuse is never ending, and it continues to affect not only Ozzie but all of us who love Ozzie.)


But now onto happier thoughts.

Last Thursday was an outing with our cyber school’s Adventure Club. Since the school is headquartered 5 hours away, on the other side of the state, we don’t have access to quite as many outings as the students out east, so when there is something planned out our way we always try to attend. This particular outing was only a short jaunt from the house.

We woke up early to prepare to leave. The outing began at 8:30 am. We planned on leaving the house by 7:30. There were lunches to pack and Molly had to finish a special gift for a friend before we left.

Her best friend, Tatum, was having surgery on her ear the following day, so Molly wanted to do something special for her friend. We found this cute idea online and recreated it as a get well gift for Miss Tatum. Since Tatum was planning on being at the outing, Molly took it along so she could deliver it in person before Tatum’s surgery.


At 7:30 am the Allans (friends from church) arrived to hop in our van to catch a ride over to the outing.


When we arrived we checked everyone in and then left for a special surprise outing I had planned for Tyler and Ozzie (more on that in the next blog) while the big kids joined their friends and teachers for a 4 mile hike through McConnells Mill State Park. Their day was filled with hiking, touring the mill, a poetry writing activity, and lunch as a group.


Rusty and Molly had a fantastic time hiking with their friends and teachers. It was a perfect day. The sun was shining and the scenery was stunning. At 1:00 pm we returned back to pick up the kids. We had an afternoon filled with appointments, but we were glad we were able to fit in some morning fun with friends.

Thank you, 21st Century Cyber Charter School, for another awesome outing!


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