A 21st Century Christmas Party



Last Thursday we loaded up Big Bessie with our crew of 21st Century students, and a few spares, and drove an hour away to Murrysville, the home of the recently opened western office for our cyber school. It has been so nice having a satellite office for our school so close to home. It has allowed the students located in western Pennsylvania to enjoy more interactions with their teachers, more face to face support, and more field trips in the Pittsburgh area.

This was the first year my kiddos have been able to attend one of the school’s Christmas parties in person. Each December the teachers throw a holiday bash in their Downingtown office but the craziness of this time of year has made driving 4 hours for a Christmas party unfeasible. Rusty has attended “virtually” in the past but it just isn’t the same as being there in person. Watching the festivities through a web cam while your peers decorate and eat cookies is really more torture than fun, so this year when it was announced that there would be a Christmas party in the Pittsburgh office we signed up to attend.

In addition to Molly, Rusty, and Tyler (Grace had finals that day) we also brought 3 friends from co-op.

The kids were encouraged to bring a toy donation for Toys for Tots.

IMG_5206 (2)

We arrived and discovered that in addition to the teachers based in the Pittsburgh office of 21st Century Cyber Charter School, we also had a few teachers and principal who drove out from the Philly office to attend. It was wonderful getting to catch up with Ozzie’s learning coach, Mrs. Scarpignato. She was eager to hear how Ozzie was doing and I was eager to share the good news of his successes.

It was a fun group of students and teachers.

IMG_5271 (2)

The party began with the kids getting to enjoy a hot chocolate bar and decorate Christmas cookies. The kids liked visiting with their teachers and making some new friends while indulging in the tastes of the Christmas season.

IMG_5208 (2)IMG_5213 (2)IMG_5218 (2)IMG_5219 (2)

When everyone was sufficiently hyped up on sugar, the games began. The teachers planned a series of Christmas themed Minute-To-Win-It games for the kids to enjoy.


There was…

Movin’ On Up:

IMG_5227IMG_5236 (2)

Merry Fishmas:

IMG_5251 (2)IMG_5237 (2)

Suck it Up:

IMG_5266 (2)IMG_5262 (2)

Golf Ball:

IMG_5275 (2)IMG_5280 (2)

Everyone’s competitive streak surfaced a bit as friends competed against friends and siblings competed against siblings.

IMG_5245 (2)

In the end four winners walked away with a 21st Century travel mug and bragging rights, including Rusty who won “Merry Fishmas” and Caleigh who won “Suck it up.”

IMG_5255 (2)

At the end of the party everyone left with a Christmas bag of school goodies from the teacher,s and some new, albeit useless, life skills. šŸ˜‰

IMG_5268 (2)



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