The Music of Christmas


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Last Wednesday was our co-op’s annual Christmas party. After a decade of themed Christmas parties, it seems we have celebrated Christmas with every possible twist. Regardless of what theme we choose for that year’s Christmas party, this much anticipated celebration is always a hit.

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This year was no exception.

This year we chose the theme of “The Music of Christmas.” Each of the moms were given a room to build an experience around. Some moms did crafts while other planned games or an activity for the kids to enjoy.

IMG_5350 (2)

We all arrived early and the moms set to work decorating their rooms for the party. The kids gathered in the gym where they were split into 3 groups: the littles, the teenage boys, and the teenage girls.

IMG_5355 (2)

Everyone was dressed in their Christmas finery, which made for great photos in Miss Rose’s room where a Christmas photo booth was set up.

IMG_5362 (2)

Rusty, Molly and Grace went all out, borrowing Mimi Joy’s Santa and Elf costume for the party, while Molly dressed as a reindeer.

IMG_5364 (2)

IMG_5403IMG_5394 (2)

This room was one of the biggest hits of the day…as you can see!


For the first half of the day the three groups of kids were rotated through four rooms.

In Miss Nicole’s room they learned about the music of Andy Williams and created Christmas ornaments for their trees.

IMG_5399 (2)IMG_5374 (2)IMG_5464 (2)IMG_5470 (2)

In Miss Tauni’s room they made jingle bell door chimes based on the carols “Jingle Bells” and “Silver Bells.”

IMG_5454 (2)

We had two visiting Elves at our party. Two families’ Elf on the Shelf elves squeezed themselves in jars so they could be carried around for the day and attend our co-op Christmas party. They must of planned it the night before when they were both visiting the North Pole to give their nightly report.


IMG_5458 (2)

IMG_5373 (2)IMG_5397 (2)

In Miss Kathy’s room the kids all made painted manger votive candle holders based on the carol, “O Holy Night.”

IMG_5457 (2)IMG_5396 (2)

In Miss Lana’s room they enjoyed a series of games based on the carol ”Let it Snow” that left everyone laughing.

The first was paper plate artwork where the kids had to draw a snowy Christmas scene (that was narrated by Miss Lana) on a plate that was balanced on their head.

IMG_5408 (2)IMG_5437 (2)IMG_5434 (2)

They all got a kick out of their finished works of art.

IMG_5417 (2)IMG_5443 (2)

Next, they played a dice game using our jumbo dice. Split into two teams, each team had to roll a series of numbers that coordinated to snowman parts that were posted on the board. As team members rolled the required numbers, their team member added parts to the snowman they were drawing on the white board until one team won by completing their snowman first.

IMG_5425 (2)IMG_5432 (2)

They concluded the fun with a game of Christmas charades.

When all the groups had rotated through all the rooms they came back together in my room where they all participated in a white elephant gift exchange. Last year when the theme of the party was “Family Traditions” we introduced this favorite Christmas Eve tradition. The novelty of opening crazy/tacky gifts was such a hit that the kids requested we do it again, so it was the activity for my Christmas room.

IMG_5474 (2)

Then it was time for lunch.

IMG_5486 (2)

Everyone gathered in the lunchroom that had been transformed into a Charlie Brown Christmas scene thanks to Miss Corrina.

IMG_5490 (2)


IMG_5460 (2)IMG_5497 (2)

We all indulged in a scrumptious feast while enjoying the musical talents of our Christmas Karaoke stars.

IMG_5493 (2)IMG_5515 (2)IMG_5516 (2)IMG_5512 (2)

After everyone had their fill of food and song we concluded our Christmas party with the kids’ gift exchange. A few weeks before the party each of the co-op kids randomly picked a slip of paper bearing the name of another co-op peer. With a given budget of $5.00 everyone purchased a secret Santa gift for the friend they were assigned. At the conclusion of our party the kids exchanged gifts…

And the moms exchanged cookies as part of our annual Christmas cookie exchange.

We made quick work of clean up, said our good-byes, exchanged final holiday greetings, and then headed home. We will reunite at the beginning of the new year but until then we will enjoy a much-needed break.

It was another successful Christmas celebration.

A BIG thank you to all the magic-makers!



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