Vintage Pittsburgh


vintage pittsburgh

After a fun night at the Home Free Concert the festivities continued into the following day with a girls’ trip down to the Heinz History Center for the sixth annual Vintage Pittsburgh retro fair.

Gracie put the event on the calendar as soon as she heard about it and invited Molly and I to join her. It was advertised as such:

“Find incredible vintage clothing, accessories, home décor, vinyl records, and much more from dozens of local vendors. Get refreshed at Shop ‘Til You Drop Soda Fountain, grab a bite from local food tables, and experience six floors of History Center exhibits.

Plus – find vintage inspiration, explore 1920s fashion, and maybe even learn a retro dance or two in the History Center’s newest exhibition, American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition.”

The event had the added advantage of a discounted admission price to the Heinz History Center as part of the event.

IMG_7665 (2)

We arrived and found crowds of vintage-loving, like-minded folks pouring through the museum. It was a VERY popular place on Saturday.

We arrived and found each level of the museum boasting various products for sale… everything from antique home décor, to jewelry, to vintage clothing. There was something for all of us to enjoy.

We started the day at the top floor where the majority of the vendors were set up and we worked our way downward over the course of the day.

IMG_7671 (2)

We began our stroll through the vendors with a stop at a silk screening booth where visitors could silk screen a “Vintage Pittsburgh” poster for free, or silk screen a “Vintage Pittsburgh” canvas bag for $5.00.

Molly went for the poster,

IMG_7686 (2)

While Grace chose to silk screen a bag.

IMG_7678 (2)

They were quite charming!

IMG_7687 (2)

Then we began shopping. I enjoyed strolling around the home décor to get ideas and inspiration while the girls went straight to the clothing racks. Both my girls love vintage clothing, although the styles they are drawn to are very different. The Vintage Pittsburgh event offered clothes that appealed to them both.

IMG_7691 (2)

With arms loaded with fabric treasures we headed for the dressing rooms where I settled in for the duration. They both tried on a lot of fun outfits but in the end settled on one favorite outfit each that they purchased with their Pretzel Factory “dough.”

IMG_7706 (2)

Molly’s new dress:

IMG_7700 (2)

Gracie’s new romper for summer:

IMG_7703 (2)

She was drawn to the fact that it looks like a skirt but is actually shorts.

Once we were shopped out we began working our way downstairs stopping on the fourth floor to play with some vintage toys.

IMG_7717 (2)

It was like my childhood had been laid out on the table…Oh, the feels!!

IMG_7715 (2)

When we had visited all of the “Vintage Pittsburgh” booths we ended our day with a tour of Heinz History Center’s newest exhibit…

american spirits

It was such a perfect fit for the “Vintage Pittsburgh” event and a great way to end our fun journey into the past.

“American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition, the first comprehensive exhibition about America’s most colorful and complex constitutional hiccup, will make its final stop on a nationwide tour at the Heinz History Center beginning on Saturday, Feb. 10.

Created by the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pa., the 9,000-square-foot exhibit brings the story of Prohibition vividly to life – from the dawn of the temperance movement, through the Roaring ’20s, and up to the unprecedented repeal of a constitutional amendment.

Visitors can learn to dance the Charleston (a popular Prohibition-era dance craze),

IMG_7738 (4)IMG_7743 (3)

track down rumrunners in a custom-built video game, and pose for a mugshot beside a lineup of some of the era’s most notorious gangsters like Al Capone and Meyer Lansky.

IMG_7757 (3)IMG_7751 (4)

The Smithsonian-affiliated History Center will also display a model of a Prohibition-era “rum runner” motorboat, on loan from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.”

It was a fascinating and fun exhibit that sparked some great conversation, not to mention the fact it offered us some great photo opportunities!

IMG_7749 (3)

What a fun date with my two favorite flappers!

IMG_7731 (3)


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