Molly in Costa Rica #2


The next installment of the blog written by the GLA students attending the Sea Turtle initiative with Molly:

DSCF0404 (2)

“Today was day 2 in our expedition at Parismina lodge. After we woke up we were BLESSED with an amazing breakfast, especially fried dough that was the definition of comfort food (shoutout Julianna).

DSCF0291 (2)

Next we took a 45 minute walk through the rainforest and across an airplane runway into town.

DSCF0251 (2)DSCF0258 (2)

During the walk we had the opportunity to see multiple monkeys and a sloth.

DSCF0658 (2)DSCF0643 (2)

In the village we all got to eat ice cream and snow cones.

Then ASTOP gave a second presentation which went more into depth about the turtles.


It was pouring rain by the end of the presentation, so we caught a ride on the back of a truck to home base. It felt like Indiana Jones!


At home base we took a 2 hour siesta in our hammocks,

DSCF0284 (2)

Which was followed by a leadership activity on the beach.


After a quick dip in the water, we ate dinner. We were rudely interrupted by an 8-legged friend in our room 🙁 but Jason saved the day and got rid of the traveler spider. Last night we didn’t see any turtles, only their tracks, but hopefully tonight luck will be on our side and we’ll get to see some tonight.”

DSCF0395 (2)

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