Molly’s Photo Session


Well, here we are again.

First Grace and now Molly.

Molly is now a senior and with that exciting time of life comes additional items on the “to-do” list, as we help her prepare for the upcoming, next chapter of life. We find ourselves deeply entrenched in tasks like college visits, SAT testing, scholarship applications and SENIOR PHOTOS…

One of the more enjoyable tasks on our senior “to-do” list.

Like Grace, Molly asked that I take her senior photos rather than hire someone else to do it. She felt it would be more personal that way and that her personality would shine forth more clearly than if she was in front of a stranger’s camera.

I was thrilled she wanted her Momma to take her pictures. We began throwing around ideas for locations and props.

It was fun to see how differently the girls approached the task of senior photos, each choosing outfits, seasons and props so very different from each other, but so perfectly reflective of each of them.

When we did Gracie’s senior photos she choose the month of October, wanting the fall foliage to be her backdrop. Her outfit and props lent themselves to a classic, vintage, shabby-chic feel:

Molly on the other hand is all about sunshine and wanted her photos to reflect her bright, fun, quirky personality. Her colors were bright primary colors and her outfit was casual. For her backdrop we decided to take a little road trip to Conneaut Lake Park, an old fashioned amusement park about 90 minutes away from home. We went in the morning when the park was deserted, prior to the rides being open, with a bag full of props on hand.

Grace joined us, adding her creative eye to the process. We had so much fun on our girls’ date and got a lot of fun photos for Molly to choose from…

A professional photographer may have produced more flawless photos, but we would have missed out on making some magical memories had we been sitting in a studio behind the lens of a stranger.

We had so much fun and laughed until our bellies hurt,

And even managed to get some usable shots along the way.

Here are some of Molly’s favorites that she is trying to choose between.

Like Gracie’s photo shoot, we’d love to hear your vote.

Which is your favorite?

Cast your vote for Molly’s senior photo!




IMG_0560 (1)




IMG_0244 (2)


IMG_0223 (1)


IMG_0574 (2)














IMG_0352 (2)


IMG_0433 (2)


IMG_0414 (2)










IMG_0622 (1)


IMG_0520 (2)


IMG_0633 (1)



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