And the Family Grows AGAIN


A month ago we shared a photo of Brandon and his pup, Blackie. At the end of the post many commented that they thought for sure we were going to announce that Blackie would be joining our family. Well, whether it was prophetic or sweet serendipity, it has happened…

Blackie has joined Winnie, Ellie May, and Olive as family dog #4.

Two weeks ago, during a phone call between Brandon and his adoptive father, his father asked if we would consider taking Blackie. He is dying and trying to get his affairs in order. Now that he knows Brandon has found a family and is doing well in our family, he was looking for a home for Blackie. He didn’t want Blackie to have to go to the local Humane Society and asked if we would consider taking Blackie.

We said yes…of course we said yes.

In bringing home Blackie we were able to give peace to Brandon’s adoptive father, save a good dog from being thrown in the pound, and give Brandon the ultimate gift…

A piece of his old life and old family that he will be able to hold on to long after cancer steals another loved one from his arms.

Blackie was his best friend and confidant during some of the darkest times of Brandon’s life. Their bond is deep and their love and loyalty to one another is pure. And now they have been reunited.

Two Saturdays ago we drove down to Brandon’s old home so that he could have a visit with his father and so we could bring Blackie home. The visit was bittersweet as we watched Brandon’s father try to hold back emotions as he said his good-bye to the dog and then thank us for opening our home up to Blackie and Brandon.


“I’m just so grateful for you guys,” he kept repeating.

After a good visit we said our goodbyes, promising to return in a couple weeks for another visit, and headed back toward home.

In the back seat Brandon sat with Blackie on his lap and a huge grin on his face.

Boy and dog reunited…

Just as it should be.



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