Pittsburgh’s Light Up Night


“Even though we haven’t carved into the Thanksgiving turkey yet, Pittsburgh kicks off the two month-long holiday season with Light-Up Night. Several trees scattered around the city illuminate at different times throughout the night, each giving way to a series of holiday-themed shenanigans. You’ll enjoy multi-genre music entertainment, explosive fireworks and creative ice sculptures that most certainly foreshadow your impending doom as an icicle deep into the city’s winter.”

IMG_3236 (2)

It has been over a decade since we braved the crowds to head downtown Pittsburgh for Light-Up Night, but we were craving an adventure, while simultaneously celebrating the fact that our Friday evenings are now free, so into Pittsburgh we went.

The crowds were as crazy as expected but resulted in a fun energy as we navigated the hordes of people downtown.

Light- Up night consisted of various activities occurring around the downtown area of Pittsburgh all at the same time. There was ice skating at the outdoor rink for $1.00 donation, a display of lifesized Santa figurines from around the world, a gingerbread house village, ice sculpting, various musical groups and entertainment, food vendors, a laser show and fireworks.

IMG_3235 (2)IMG_3250 (2)IMG_3254 (2)IMG_3259 (2)IMG_3278 (2)IMG_3282 (2)IMG_3288 (2)IMG_3296 (2)IMG_3294 (2)IMG_3303

It was a lot of fun and definitely got us excited for the Christmas season.

I only wish the girls could have joined us. They would have loved the Christmas magic that was in the air! Maybe next year!

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