Day 1 of Christmas: Co-op Christmas Party!


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me

A day of fun with our co-op family…


Last Friday we ended a festive week of fun with some of our very favorite people at our annual co-op Christmas party. It was like old times as we reconvened at First Baptist Church in New Castle, our co-op home for the past decade. Although we no longer meet there on a weekly basis, they graciously agreed to let us use our old lunchroom for our Christmas party.

IMG_4518 (2) - Copy

It was decided that the party would consist of a taco bar lunch and games, ending with a secret Santa gift exchange among the kids.

It was fun to gather together once more!

IMG_4452 (2)

We even had some of our co-op graduates in attendance.

IMG_4442 (2)

The festivities began with the older kids leading a Christmas trivia game in the back room while the moms decorated the lunchroom and prepared the taco bar.


And then they joined Miss Kathy for some fast-paced, competitive fun:

IMG_4498 (2) - CopyIMG_4488 (2) - CopyIMG_4469 (2) - Copy

When everything was laid out and ready, the kids congregated in the lunchroom to be called one table at a time into the kitchen to make up their tacos, and then return to the lunchroom to feast.

IMG_4503 (2)

As kids finished lunch, they headed into the back room to enjoy the photo booth that Miss Rose set up, and then returned to the lunch room to sing a little Christmas Karaoke.

IMG_4444 (2)

After everyone had full bellies, we gathered for the White Elephant gift exchange.

IMG_4525 (2) - Copy

The kids gathered around the pile of white elephant gifts and then proceeded to battle over a few favorite packages.

The fun of White Elephant gift exchanges seem to be in the stealing. The competition is even more heightened when it is a room full of siblings fighting for the most enticing packages.

When the game seemed as though it would never end, we kindly reminded the kiddos they were battling for something that was purchased for a buck at Dollar Tree.

That was followed with a second friendly reminder that the real gift exchange would follow. That brought a quick conclusion to the game.

Holding their White Elephant gift in front of them, the kids un-wrapped their package one at a time, revealing stick-on mustaches, noise makers, dress-up wigs, and other goofy gifts that brought laughs.

IMG_4543 (2)IMG_4542 (2) - Copy

Then it was time for the REAL gift exchange…

Each co-op student had been given the name of another student to buy for in the Secret Santa exchange. Each child took turns handing out the gift they carefully purchased for their assigned friend, and unwrapping the gift that was purchased for them.

There were squeals of delight over the well-chosen gifts, given with love.

IMG_4539 (2) - Copy

IMG_4532 (2) - Copy

The party ended with crafts and socializing as everyone got in a little more visiting and Christmas well wishes before we had to leave to meet Brandon at home. He had a half day of school and we had some action-packed days ahead of us, so with final hugs of good-bye we headed home.

IMG_4548 (2) - Copy

Although we left with our arms laden with gifts of love and Christmas treasures, the greatest gift of the day was the gift of time with dear friends!






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