Day 2 of Christmas: Christmas with Mimi!


On the second day of Christmas my true love game to me,

Christmas with Mimi!

IMG_4672 (2)

The second day of our weeklong Christmas celebration, brought Christmas with Mimi Joy.

On Saturday Toby’s mom drove over for our Christmas celebration. We had a fun evening planned and we looked forward to celebrating with Mimi.

IMG_4565 (2)

When she arrived, we were at the tale-end of getting dinner on the table, so while I finished up the meal that everyone had pitch-in and graciously helped with, Toby and the kids played Christmas trivia in the living room with Joy.

IMG_4568 (2)

Soon the food was done and the table set for a festive Christmas dinner.

We feasted on ham, green beans, pasta salad, cheesy potatoes and rolls and enjoyed catching up on each other’s lives after a crazy month.

IMG_4580 (2)

After dinner we gathered in the living room for some party games before exchanging gifts.

We started with a high adrenaline game to help Tyler burn off some anxious energy before settling into some calmer, quieter games.

Our first game was “Trim the Tree.” The 6 kids were split into two teams of 3. Rusty and Brandon served as their team’s “Christmas tree” and the other two team mates had to turn each of them in a Christmas tree, using all the supplies I gave them. It was a race to see who could “trim their tree” first.

IMG_4678 (2)

It was a race to the finish, and so much fun to watch!

IMG_4682 (2)

Brandon, Grace and Tyler emerged as the winners of this first game of the evening,

But the true “winners” of the evening, were those of us who got to sit back and watch the silliness unfold.

IMG_4691 (2)

The next game of the evening was “Christmas Plates.” For this game each family member was given a paper plate and a marker. Placing the paper plate upside down on their heads they were challenged to draw out a Christmas scene without the advantage of sight.

IMG_4693 (2)

Drawing blindly, they had to follow my directions as I asked them to draw a Christmas scene, piece by piece.

At the end of my instuctions they pulled down their plates and were able to see how they did. Some were better than others!

IMG_4702 (2)

We then scored their efforts with a point value placed on things like:

“If your star is touching the top of your tree- 2 points”


“Give yourself 1 point for each Christmas ball you drew on your tree.”

The winner of this game was Toby.

The next game on our party agenda was Christmas Scattergories. Using the alphabet dice and timer from our Scattergories game, we used Christmas themed templates I found online.

IMG_4712 (2)

This was a hit with everyone as we stretched our brains to come up with Christmas treats or Christmas characters that began with “J.”

After a few rounds of Scattergories it was time for presents. The kids had all purchased or made a gift for Mimi Joy, and we had surprises for her under the tree to unwrap, but before she unwrapped her pile of surprises, Mimi handed out her gifts to our family.

IMG_4713 (2)

Digging into Mimi’s Santa sack, Rusty helped hand out gifts. Once everyone had their present we were given permission to unwrap our gifts all at the same time. She had given us matching gifts that could be used individually or all together. We each received a movie theater gift card for a family movie night. She couldn’t have picked a more perfect gift! We will definitely enjoy our Christmas surprise.

IMG_4715 (2)

After everyone had given Mimi their gifts we ended the night with Christmas cookies and the girls performing “Mary Did You Know?” in ASL.

IMG_4720 (2)

It was a perfect celebration with family!

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