Ice Skating at North Park




For years my kids have agreed that one of the best reoccurring youth activities is the January ice skating activity at North Park skating rink. It seems that this event has been a favorite activity for almost a decade, as I have fond memories of Grace donning skates on a cold winter night at age 13 and now find myself helping Tyler tighten his laces at this same winter activity.

skate 2skate 3skate

While the activities of the night have remained constant, the faces in the crowd have changed. Many of the youth who were skating circles around the rink a few years ago are now college graduates, full time missionaries or newlyweds. For some reason the marching of time hit me extra hard on Saturday as I watched a new, rising group of young people take the place of familiar faces who have moved on.

Among the new faces were Brandon and Tyler…

img_5346 (3)

Brandon, because of this being his first opportunity to attend since joining our family.


And Tyler, because he is now 12, which makes him a participant in the young men’s program which allows him and his buddies from church to take part in the fun activities planned for the youth.

img_5357 (3)

img_5363 (3)

It was weird finding myself with only boys in tow, as this was a favorite activity of Grace and Molly for many, many years. Molly, unfortunately, found herself having to work Friday night and thus having to miss her last year ice skating with the youth.

img_5354 (2)

Instead it was an all-boy adventure and I got a taste of what life is evolving into with Grace and Molly growing up and gone more than they are home. I am preparing myself for life as the only girl in a testosterone saturated house. Lord, help me!

img_5377 (3)

Rusty, having been the only one to attend this activity previously, filled the other three in on what to expect.

The night was split into two parts. It began with 3 hours of ice skating (or board games for those who chose not to skate.)

img_5339 (2)

This was followed by socializing over a dinner of pizza, wings and desserts.

Since I had no responsibilities over this activity, I used my free time… you know, the down time between jumping up to capture moments on film…to get a little school work done now that school has resumed.

And a lot of jumping up I did!

This was Brandon, Tyler and Ozzie’s first time at this activity and Brandon’s first time ever ice skating, so I had to record the adventure in photographs.

img_5343 (2)

All did amazingly well. I expected Rusty to be a pro but I was amazed how much better the other three boys did than I anticipated.

img_5350 (3)

The snow began falling soon after we arrived, making the skaters look like they were caught inside a Christmas snow globe.

img_5366 (2)

img_5361 (3)

The scene was magical, with fat snowflakes turning the world white.

img_5375 (2)

It was a great night with great youth!


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