Casa de Disney


Ok, we have now arrived at our “permanent”  location for the remainder of our stay in Orlando.

On our two previous Disney World vacations we stayed onsite at Disney resorts: first at Port Orleans Riverside, and then at All Star Sport on our second trip. Both times we chose to stay onsite so that we could take advantage of the free Disney Dining that was being offered when we were visiting in September.

Unfortunately, this time our schedules did not align with Disney’s free dining dates, so our food bill will be higher this trip, but we were able to balance out that increased cost by choosing to stay offsite rather than renting two Disney World hotel rooms for the length of our stay.

A few months ago we went online to Airbnb and found an amazing deal on a four bedroom house for a fraction of the cost that two Disney resort rooms would be. With the house rental comes the added benefit of having a kitchen available to offset some of our food costs.

After a day of fun at Disney Springs we headed over to our rental home. Check-in was at 4:00 pm and the kids were itching to “move in,” unpack, and get swimming in the pool and hot tub that came with the house.

We pulled in, piled out of our “clown car,”

And untangled ourselves from blankets, charging cords, fast food wrappers and backpack straps.

The door was opened and the kids rushed inside, eager to check out the new digs and claim their rooms.

The house exceeded our expectations.

It is absolutely beautiful.

Check out our lovely new home that we have lovingly renamed, “Casa de Disney”:

IMG_5933 (2)

The view that greeted us when we walked into the rental.

IMG_5923 (2)

The kitchen and breakfast nook.


The family room. We love all the big, comfy couches.

IMG_5924 (2)

Brandon and Tyler’s bedroom.

IMG_5925 (2)

Rusty and Ozzie’s bedroom.

IMG_5926 (2)

Grace and Molly’s bedroom. They took the second master suite with its own attached bathroom.

IMG_5927 (2)

They were thrilled to get a girls’ only” bathroom. “Look, Mom,” they exclaimed with enthusiasm, ” There is enough room for us to do our make-up side by side!”

IMG_5919 (2)

The master suite…Ooo la la!

IMG_5920 (2)

Here is where I plan to spend my vacation.

IMG_5932 (2)

This is where the kids plan to spend their vacation…in our own personal pool.  Everyone is feeling spoiled by this new living arrangement. I may have a tough time getting everyone back home to Pennsylvania. 🙂

For now this is our home away from home…

And what a home it is!

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  1. That is BEAUTIFUL!! Jeff and I will be there on the 12th for a few weeks. Perhaps we can get together while we’re there. Out annual passes are expired so we’re not planning to do the parks—just want to get somewhere warm. Our timeshare have similar “houses” with private pools. We’re staying in one of those the 16th through the 23rd. Christen’s family is coming down from Georgia to join us since kids are off school that week. What day do you come back?

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