“Seize the Day!”



In April, Miss Molly turned 19, and for her birthday gift we surprised her with tickets to see the musical “Newsies.” Molly is a huge fan of musical theater and her love for this facet of the arts was born from her early childhood exposure to Disney’s film version of “Newsies.” When we heard that it was playing in Pittsburgh, only weeks after her birthday, we decided it would be a perfect birthday gift for our sweet girl.

IMG_0249 (2)IMG_0240 (2)

After considering different possibilities, based on the cost of tickets and the budget we had planned, it was decided we would all attend but would split into two groups with Grace and Molly enjoying a better view of the production with more expensive tickets, while the rest of us enjoyed the show from a distance. It seemed this was the perfect solution for our large family to share a special experience for Molly’s birthday, while making it feasible for our wallet.

When Saturday rolled around we prepared to go. The event took place in the week leading up to Mother’s Day so my vision of what the night would be, wasn’t exactly how it was. We were down one family member due to Ozzie being hospitalized, and other kiddos, while there in a physical sense were not there in an emotional sense. Determined to not allow another child’s birthday to be sabotaged and ruined by the effects of past trauma, we pushed forward with a blind eye and gracious tolerance to the struggles of our less enthusiastic guests.

IMG_0833 (2)

What began as a decision made based on financial merit, turned out to be a blessing in disguise as Molly was spared from the struggles of younger brothers by her and Gracie sitting separately from the family. She was able to enjoy her birthday gift with no awareness of the struggle playing out 30 rows behind her. God’s hand was definitely in the details.


Molly was over-the-moon excited to watch one of her favorite musicals come to life on the stage in front of her. We arrived at the theater, took some photos outside, before being made aware that cameras are not allowed inside the theater for this production…(a double standard I can not wrap my brain around in this day and age of cell phone cameras.)

IMG_0839 (2)

IMG_0842 (2)

Dressed for the theme!

With Toby graciously offering to run my camera back to the car, we headed into the lobby to wait for his return. While there Molly received the unexpected gift of running into one of her best friends, Anna, whom she hadn’t seen in months. It was wonderful catching up with the Decker family while we waited for Toby to return.

By the time he made it back from the parking garage it was time to take our seats. We split ways with the girls as they took their seats in the front row of the balcony and we headed to our seats near the back of the theater.


For those less familiar with Disney’s Newsies, it is a story that takes place in July, 1899 when Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst raise the distribution price one-tenth of a cent per paper, ten cents per hundred, the newsboys, poor enough already, are outraged. Inspired by the strike put on by the trolley workers, Jack “Cowboy” Kelly organizes a newsboys’ strike. With David Jacobs  as the brains of the new union, and Jack as the voice, the weak and oppressed found the strength to band together and challenge the powerful.

It was so good!

And when the show was over Molly had the opportunity to get in line to meet some of the amazing actors that brought the story to life.


She decided to turn the Newsies t-shirt, that she received as part of her birthday gift, into a special memento of the experience, by having the lead actors from the show sign her shirt. She was over-the-moon excited!

It was a magical ending to a very special birthday celebration for a very special girl.


Miss Molly, we hope that you will always choose to “Seize the Day!”

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