Fun in Cheyenne, Wyoming


Our first overnight stop on our journey back home after dropping off Miss Molly (who is doing fabulous, by the way! More on that in a future post) was Cheyenne, Wyoming. This was a perfect place to hang our hats for the night…

IMG_6986 (2)

Our cowboy hats!

 We were in the heart of cowboy country and everything around us reflected that. Including the hotel we called home for the night.

IMG_6957 (2)

When booking our hotel I simply went online looking for the best deal available in the area. This tactic sometimes fails me, but more often than not we are pleasantly surprised at how great the hotel is given the inexpensive pricetag.

This hotel was one of those experiences.

IMG_6951 (2)

We stayed the night at The Historic Plains Hotel in the heart of downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming.

IMG_6961 (2)

“Few hotels capture the history, heritage and traditions of the American West like The Historic Plains Hotel. Steeped in the frontier legends and charm of turn-of-the-century Cheyenne, WY, our beautifully restored hotel offers every travel comfort while preserving every detail of our original grandeur.

IMG_6953 (2)

Since 1911, we’ve been a vital part of Cheyenne’s culture and character like no other hotel. Today, we exude an authentic, local style worlds apart from the cookie-cutter branded hotels all too common these days. To stay here is to rediscover an era when travel meant something special and unexpected. Stepping into our opulent Grand Lobby, with its beautiful bisque tiling, stained glass skylight and impressive pillars, is only the beginning of a stay that will provide interest, intrigue and uniquely personal experiences at every moment.”

It was a stunning hotel…

A true feast for the eyes,

IMG_6982 (2)

With beautiful and historic gems hidden around every corner.

IMG_6984 (2)

The age of the building was especially evident in its original elevators. The woodwork and brass fixtures were stunning but the elevator itself was tiny, requiring the boys and I to take two separate trips up to our room.

IMG_6979 (2)

As we stood waiting for the elevator to return we saw this sign and found out the reason for the tiny elevator…

IMG_6976 (2)

What a hoot!

After dropping off our luggage at our home for the night, we headed over to Terry Bison Ranch…an unknown excursion I planned for the boys to be enjoyed on our trip home.

After a week of seeing thousands of Bison from the safely recommended distance posted around the national parks we visited, I thought it would be fun to get a little closer. When I read the reviews of this ranch online I knew it had to be one of our final stops on our road trip.

There were many activities offered at the ranch but I chose to sign us up for the Bison Train Tour.

IMG_6939 (2)

This experience takes guests on a narrated tour through the ranch, and in among the herd, on a custom built train car.

IMG_6730 (2)

We boarded the train and were off, learning much about Bison as we chugged along toward where the herd of Bison were grazing.

IMG_6742 (2)

Along the way we crossed over into Colorado, a fact that delighted Braden who was on a mission to “collect” as many visited states as he could on this trip.

IMG_6773 (2)

As we got closer to the herd we received the unexpected and exciting news that a baby had just been born 30 minutes earlier and we would get to see the brand new baby Bison in among the herd.

IMG_6831 (2)

This cinnamon colored beauty was the first thing I spotted as we drove into the heart of the Bison herd. I couldn’t take my eyes off momma and baby.

IMG_6819 (2)

It was a beautiful sight to behold!

IMG_6816 (2)

The train came to a stop in the middle of hundreds of Bison. It was a bit disarming to see them come ambling over to the train with such eager enthusiasm.

IMG_6768 (2)

It was clear they knew exactly what a stopped train meant…

IMG_6762 (2)

It was snack time!

IMG_6786 (2)

In the aisles of the train were five gallon buckets filled with Bison pellets and we were allowed to hang out the windows of the train car and feed these magnificent beasts.

IMG_6803 (2)

After two weeks of enjoying these incredible animals from a distance, we were now able to interact with them face to face, feeding them from our hands and petting their furry faces.

It was pretty incredible.

IMG_6849 (2)

Especially when the larger bulls came right up to our window in search of hand-outs.

IMG_6860 (2)IMG_6789 (2)

The train remained stationary for 30 minutes, giving us plenty of time to get our fill of Bison love and plenty of time for the beasts to fill their bellies…

IMG_6857 (2)

Then we were off. The herd hated to see us go and followed alongside the train until we exited the paddock.

IMG_6870 (2)

When the train returned to the station we exited and were able to walk around the ranch and enjoy some of the other animals that call Terry Bison Ranch, home.

IMG_6900 (2)IMG_6943 (2)

There was an elevated observation platform that extended above the various animal enclosures allowing us to check out the farm animals from a birds eye view.

IMG_6891 (2)IMG_6906 (2)IMG_6894 (2)

Then we went down to love on them face to face before heading out.

IMG_6893 (2)

IMG_6930 (2)

It was such a fun experience to share with my oldest sons on our journey back home.

IMG_6912 (2)

Thanks. Cheyenne!

It’s been an adventure!

IMG_6940 (2)





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