The Big Day is Here!


After months of anticipation the big day is here!

Grace is getting married to her sweetheart, Zach…


And in 12 hours our sweet Gracie will officially be Gracie Elizabeth Tame.

This is a love story that has been 12 years in the making. When Grace sat in primary opening exercises that first Sunday at church, after moving into our new home, she had no idea Zach Tame would become her future husband and these dear friends would become her future family.

God began writing their shared story a decade ago, and today the pages of their story turn to the next chapter as they commit themselves before family and God to love, honor, and cherish each other for eternity.

Today we give our daughter to the man who loves and adores her, and in turn gain another son (and an extended family of wonderful people.)

The blessings are simply too abundant to count and I find my eyes leaking with the fullness of emotions washing over me this day.

The turning of a chapter in the book of life always comes with a mix of emotions.

There is sentimental reflection on chapters past, as I think back on my favorite parts of our family’s story,

While eagerly anticipating all the possible blessings the next chapters hold.

It is no wonder my emotions are leaking out of my tear ducks.

All these feelings are a lot to carry in one’s heart.

The rush of emotions started pouring forth with the return of Miss Molly, who flew home on Tuesday night to be a part of the wedding festivities. As Gracie’s maid of honor, she wouldn’t have missed wedding week for anything!

Her journey home began at 6:00 am and consisted of a four hour shuttle ride to the Salt Lake City airport, two connecting flights across the United States, and a car ride home from the airport that ended at 11:30 pm with a hug from her big sister.


These two besties have missed each other greatly!

Yesterday we loaded up the car for the five hour drive to Philadelphia for Grace and Zach’s Thursday evening wedding.

We checked into our two hotel rooms last night.

IMG_7350 (2)

We spent the evening relaxing, enjoying family time,

IMG_7361 (2)

And doing our nails for the wedding.

IMG_7356 (2)

We woke up to the realization that the day we have been preparing for had finally arrived.

It is wedding day!


This is the day Grace and Zach will be sealed together for time and eternity in the Philadelphia LDS Temple.

What a wonderful page in our book of life!


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